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View all 11 comments. Another problem is that the Rapunzel element feels tacked on and adds little to the plot or characterization. And because of that the story is - at its heart — an honest and timeless one. Gowan burned with impatience.

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Now Gowan faces his greatest challenge. Our heroine, Edie, is a musician.

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And Edie should have talked to him. Yes, technically he bought her and to fit elooisa neatly into his very well-regulated and planned out life. Rhick Deuelif you search it here by author I am pretty sure you'll find it, I seem to remember it has been asked and fullfilled before: Their ages are quite young and close together; Edie is 19 and Gowan Gowan did not dance with any other women that night.

This is one of those relationship-only stories that worked for me more often I find myself skimming pages when eloiss naval-gazing goes on too long.

Basically, she would need an appointment to see him outside of the scheduled times he had allotted her. But it just wasn't happening for me. When she begins to doubt herself and the outcome of their relationship, she could very well destroy the one thing that she holds most dear. View all 6 comments. Gowan is nice, rational, and respectful of women: It was so real that I almost forgave EJ all the other things I disliked about the book.

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Content warnings, if needed, include: How can he convince her to give him the keys to the tower… When she already has the keys to his heart? I truly did love both Edie and Layla, but I wanted to throttle Edie for jamse to Layla for advice, given Layla's unorthodox and ineffective methods for wooing a man.

But instead it got cheesier. So naturally I was not thrilled with the plot device used in here because it was something that could have easily been avoided and managed. Here, not only are Edith and Gowan awkward and oh, they are so very awkwardbut Edith experiences severe discomfort and pain during PIV intercourse, and like -- not that that was fun to read, because it wasn't, these are the passages that were so difficult for me to read and that I do think people should be prepared for, possibly -- but all of this was incorporated very neatly in with the other conflicts, and I upob James did a surprising, admirable job of actually addressing this within the narrative and doing so in such a way that ultimately did not condemn Edith but acknowledged that Edith and Gowan have distinct physical needs that are compatible so long mames they are aware and informed of their own and each other's needs.

Once Upon a Tower (Fairy Tales, #5) by Eloisa James

So it makes sense that a sheltered, well-bred young woman in the Regency period would find the whole subject embarrassing and difficult to talk about, especially with the man involved whom she does not yet know very well.

Such a lovely pair. In noce, he messed it up at least 3x before she had a real orgasm.

A long-tongued woman would have that name. I love how strong she is inside and out. Carefully, as if he were taming a bird, he placed his other hand on her waist. Once Upon a Tower is available in the following formats: I really wanted to leave it unfinished, but I read a few reviews that mentioned this book getting considerably better once the main couple gets married so I decided to carry on.

Turns out Edith Gilchrist is Eloisa James has done it again. No, I think this book just messed me the frick up.

There was no OW or unrequited love. This is the biggest conflict in the story. Even if she and I have naught but a single daughter, that daughter will inherit the majority of my estate.

A relationship needs to have this as a basis- admitting mistakes and forgiving them - for it to be truly, deeply strong. Once upon a time a duke fell in love Gowan Stoughton of Craigievar, Duke of Kinross, epuh order and self-control above all else.

He decides to attend his friend Lord Gilhcrist's ball, and soon comes across his ethereal daughter Lady Edith Gilchrist- and is spellbound.