Cswip 3.1 notes

Welding position and the process have a major influence on the travel speed that can be used. Hardness values are shown on test reports as a number followed by letters indicating the test method, for example: Pure or zirconiated tungsten electrodes are used for AC welding with a hemispherical balled end as shown below. Guidance about information that may need to be in the inspection records. To differentiate this type of weld from the previous types, the throat thickness is symbolised with s instead of a.

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CSWIP 3.1 - Welding Inspector WIS5 (2017)

Each fillet weld shall be proofed separately by a welding procedure test. Cracks are more significant than other types of imperfection as their geometry produces a very large stress concentration at the crack tip making them more likely to cause fracture.

Availability and cost Obtained by separation from natural gas — lower availability and higher cost.

Welding position Sketch Definition and symbol according to ISO Flat Welding position in which the welding is horizontal with the centreline of the weld vertical.

Weld slope Angle between root line and the positive X axis of the horizontal reference plane, measured in mathematically positive direction ie counter-clockwise.

CSWIP - Welding Inspector WIS5 () - PDF Free Download

Convention of the arrow line: Causes Prevention Incomplete slag removal from underlying surface of multi-pass weld Improve inter-run slag removal Slag flooding ahead of motes Position work to gain control of slag. Introduce preweld cleaning procedures. Some training is necessary to correctly interpret the symbols. Shape of tungsten electrode tip and vertex angle.

What determines the penetrating power of an X-ray? Double U preparation Usually this type of preparation does not require a land, except for aluminium alloys. Modern power sources have a current slope-out device so that at the end of a weld when the welder switches off the current it reduces gradually and the weld pool gets smaller and shallower.

The notch profile may be square, V or U shape.

Cobalt 60 has an energy approximating that of 1. Weld rotation Angle between the centreline of the weld and the positive Z axis or a line parallel to the Y axis, measured in the mathematically positive direction ie counter-clockwise in the plane of the transverse cross-section of the weld in question.

Only for flat position. Inspection activities at each of these stages of fabrication can be considered the duties of the welding inspector and typical inspection checks that may be required are described in the noges section.

Part 1 Arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys. The manual usually covers all aspects of the company structure, not just those aspects of manufacture. The figure below illustrates the method of representation.

Minimum 3.1 as specified by WPS.

cswip aws/cwi inspection notes

In either case, qualification inspection and testing will be required in accordance with the application standard.

Instruction Written description of the precise steps to be followed based on an established procedure, standard, code or specification. To fill the crater for this process it is necessary to reduce the weld current slope out in a series of descending steps until the arc is extinguished. Crevices in work surface due to joint geometry. Welding voltage between 20 and 40V to maintain the arc during welding. If the electrode extension is too long, the electrode tip might overheat, causing melting csswip lead to tungsten inclusions.

According to BS EN inspection documents fall into two types: What is the design throat? Angle between fusion faces in degrees Factor 60 to 90 91 to cseip to to Features to Consider Importance of fillet weld leg length size a b 8mm 4mm 0.

Pure or zirconiated tungsten electrodes are used for AC welding with a hemispherical nootes end as shown below.

When using AC the electrode tip is ground flat to minimise the risk of it breaking off when the arc is initiated or during welding shown on the next page. It is regarded as an imperfection only when the height of the excess weld metal is greater than a specified limit.

The arc generates heat for fusion of the motes metal. Good protection for reactive.