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G-TwYST aims at developing guidance for conducting and interpreting long-term animal toxicity studies with genetically modified maize NK, MON and analyses the relevance and scientific value of such studies for the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms GMOs. Market authorisation in the EU of genetically modified organisms GMOs and derived food and feed is essentially informed by a scientific risk assessment. In addition, the ERA-Net will explicitly take into account the wider views of a diversity of stakeholders and end-users e.

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As an example, only around 15 percent of scientists employed in European industry are women. GRACE pursues two key research objectives: At the beginning of the project the high school students already have paid high attention to the representation of people, women and men likewise, and technology in images and this enables them to avoid stereotyping stiermark and technology in their self-made images. A second, key factor of the project comprises the accompanying mentoring and coaching programme.

While still a lot of work needs to be done in scoping socio-economic considerations, clarifying approaches, methods, and the legal status in the context of steiermak law, an increasing number of countries have already implemented policies which allow the consideration or even routine assessment of socio-economic issues.

Gender dynamics of male and female careers, comparisons between different fields of engineering and their interrelations, recruitment, full-time and part-time, survival curves and tenure, vertical segregation, pay gap, school to work transitions, work-life balance, double careers patterns.

Identification and evaluation of good practice.

With the proposed project we aim at investigating empirically the role of ELSA research in the emergence and development of genome research. In this time, he had been doing a strategy and policy analysis regarding the wood-to-methane technology in Switzerland. Architectural offices act as change agents for a sustainable lifestyle and sustainability at the work place by fostering their energy efficiency.

However, the success of scientific communication goes hand in hand with the credibility of the research, the research process as well as the outsomes. The core section is the training programme within the framework of a summer school, in which the selected participants will acquire competence in research and management skills according to their needs.

The project has set itself on the objective of contributing to a sgeiermark research through the reduction of the CO 2 footprint zteiermark the research system and thereby increase the credibility of science in society. The two-year EU project is aimed in particular at women researchers from engineering and science in the pre- and post-doctoral phase. This image database containing free gender sensitive images of people and technology can be found at www.

In my project, I propose an approach for studying the role of institutions in the development of technological innovation systems.

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The workshop aimed to familiarize participants from the Caribbean Region with the key aspects of SEC and make them aware of possible requirements, options and constraints of considering socioeconomic aspects in GMO policy—making.

Science, Technology and Society Unit.

Have fun scrolling through! Training, Mentoring, Networking The ,euro project consists of two parts. Through continuous exchange between high school students and researchers the group acquires a common basic knowledge, enabling the high school students to perform field work with the objective to produce gender sensitive images of people and technology in a chosen context.

Three separate branches in the transborder area of Austria and Italy where chosen: In addition, the candidates are offered the opportunity of networking. In my work, I follow the general conceptualization that institutions are comprised of regulative, normative, and cultural-cognitive elements which are interrelated.

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While so far no such impacts have actually been observed as an effect of std technologies CTthere are wide-spread concerns among experts and the broader public that the possibility of such impacts to occur cannot be ruled out categorically. The project aims to support the future potential of Styrian companies by increasing the proportion of highly qualified women in technical occupations.

The company is involved in this process right from the start. To prove this, pilot degree courses which embed technology successfully in social contexts will be compared, evaluated and their transfer potentials proved. Based on these investigations conclusions are drawn and recommendations for policy development in Austria are provided. In November the EU Council of Environment Ministers agreed to further explore the possibility to explicitly consider socioeconomic issues.

Our study will reveal the complex conditions under which ELSA research is carried out and generates its findings and reflect that from a methodological perspective.

Steffen Wirth

Before he started his PhD project, Steffen Wirth had been working at Eawag as a research assistant for 3. Market authorisation in the EU of genetically modified organisms GMOs and derived food and feed is essentially informed by a scientific risk assessment.

The project will be working closely with representatives from a broad range of stakeholder organisations as well as with professional risk assessors and risk managers. The comparative approach with two converging technologies — nanotechnology and genetic engineering — in four countries generated eight cases from which lessons were drawn dialogically by steiermari and NGOs.