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Angel Eyes Lyrics There's no one above it We all need some loving Some kissing and hugging Like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You can't live without it Yeah I used to doubt it But now that I've found it Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 'Cause my baby's got Oooooooooooooooooooo Angel eyes Yeah my baby's got Oooooooooooooooooooo Angel eyes Well now I've been down and lonely I wish if only The whole world could feel my vibe We all Remember how The way we were The way we used to be So hot to trot I thought we could not stop We would rock constantly baby I know the clothes you wear And every car you drive All the people in your life That whole vibe baby But where I lost my way I shoulda spent the time With your soul and in your mind getting it right baby And I wish that I had known this before Instead of opening I closed Girl you know my weakness Girl you know my weakness Girl you know my weakness I can never say no to you Whenever you're not around Things seem quite alright Everything is going fine Till your back in my life You've done it to me again baby You got my body soul and mind But there ain't no stopping now You got me working overtime Let me lay you down again, down again This time the story is gonna Girl you look so mesmerizing You got me fantasizing Your man's lost but you don't wanna find him He's played you like a fool Oh yeah I know you see me smiling Maybe we shouldn't but we vibin' Do you think that he would mind if I took you for a dance or two I've waited long enough So please make up your mind Because we're wasting precious time I'm not gonna treat you like Another girl on the si

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Feel free to post video links, discussion threads or even solid proof that Tay snitched. Lyrics T Tay lyrics. Hit em in his stomach he going need a shitter bag I got clips like a movie, and I keep a fucking tooly Try to treat me like a goofy, ima turn u to a smoothie. Hook Fn Fn shoot at the head of any nigga want it man Put 3 in his top, then run fast, I run fast, I run faster than Sonic man I pop me a percocet or xanax then I charge up like I'm super saiyan These niggas talk like they made of steel them bullets show them they not Superman You just upped a deuce 5 what you going so with that? His shit so hard he definitely was the best in his flow is so crazy.

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Blending cool, catchy riff rock with fun vocals -- from all… watch. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. Part of that has to do with its structural configuration. Submit Your Photo Title. Whilst only being young men, the conviction and confidence Pro Era exude in their verses almost makes you believe they could be far older and wiser than their years.

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