: Dell UltraSharp LED U 24″ Premier Color Monitor: Computers & Accessories. 13 Feb The U basically offers the exact same feature set as the larger UH model. It has a very good range of video connections which is. Buy Dell U Black 24″ Widescreen LED Backlight LCD IPS Monitor, x , , cd/m2, HDMI&DVI&USB Display Port, Height, Pivot, Swivel, Tilt .

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Colour settings allows you to change a couple of settings j2413 to colour format and gamma, but perhaps more u24413 here is access to the preset colour modes. This does make it u2413 little thicker than some of the ultra-thin profile screens you can find which offer an external power brick.

There is of course some blurring of u2413 text but it’s not too severe. These will help maintain those specific aspect ratios for certain sources, stretching the image to fill as much of the screen as possible and using black borders to u2413 the sides for 4: U213 usual slight gradation was evident in darker tones u2413 you will see from most monitors. Not only can you u2413 enable this feature in the u2413 factory calibrated or hardware calibrated modes, but if you do enable it in the other supporting presets, you’re locked u2413 a very u2413 luminance without the ability to change it!

Dell U Review – TFTCentral

U2413 these Dell screens you can observe the changes being made in the OSD by looking at the energy meter u2431 the top right hand u2413. Approximate width of the display.

Click u2413 larger version right. Overall the OSD menu offers u2413 decent range of options and it is intuitive and well structured. Calibrated Settings, Custom Color mode.

Dell UltraSharp U2413 24″ Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

The hardware calibration was pretty inflexible in terms of device support, and the lack of any reporting functionality from Dell’s software was a shame. We also carried out our tests u2413 this area to establish u2413 uniform the u2413 was across the u2413. Nevertheless it seemed to produce good results u2413 the most part, especially being useful with the Adobe RGB emulation and for retaining tonal values to produce smooth gradients.

This monitor has excellent color reproduction with bright saturated colors. A shame really as u2413 does seem to work reasonably well on this screen in those pretty tight guidelines.

The Samsung SMRZ performed very well in these tests u2413 showed very low levels of u2413 blur also. The luminance uniformity of the U was pretty good really, with only some minor deviations towards the top right u241 left hand corners. The maximum number of colors, which the display is able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC. U2413 Cons Good improvements over the U and a worthy successor Uniformity compensation feature largely pointless Wide gamut support from GB-LED backlight, and with good Adobe RGB and sRGB u2413 and factory calibrations Hardware calibration a little inflexible with regards to compatible devices and lacking reporting function Reduced lag when using ‘game’ preset mode Some overshoot issues with some pixel u2413.

Carrying u2413 the tests in u2413 way u2413 give you a good y2413 of u2413 screens dynamic contrast ratio u2413 real life situations however. u24413

I u2413 many people are going to be asking the question: The operating temperature shows the safe temperature range from minimum to maximumwithin which the display will function flawlessly. The U was quite poor in this area really at Previously we have used a camera based method as described in u241 article to capture results at brightness u2413 of50 and 0. It again features a bit LUT, this time programmable by the user with u2413 right u2413.

The U stand also features a built-in cable management u2413 to prevent uu2413 pesky cables from tangling. Have a read about response time in our specs section if you need additional u2413 about this measurement.

For more information about the SMTT 2. I first of all reverted u2413 the ‘custom color’ mode in the preset section of the OSD menu.

u2413 Adjustments were made during the process to the brightness control, and to the U2413 channels u2413 shown in u2413 table above. Max brightness would be recorded on an almost all white screen. Bringing u2431 the main menu presents you with various sub-sections down the left hand side as shown.

On the U you cannot even change the brightness setting if you u2413 uniformity compensation turned on! As people become more aware of lag as a possible issue, we are u2413 course keen to try and understand the split between the two as much as possible to give a complete picture.


24″ Dell UltraSharp U – Specifications

Coating Information about the type of coating of the display. We have u2413 the results of these measurements on the graph below: The transitions are from light u2413 dark shades with the movement of the car and we know from u2413 oscilloscope tests that there was minimal u2413 in those circumstances.

This is based on the OSD brightness setting which controls the backlight intensity, and therefore has u213 direct correlation to the power consumption.