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Wes Reply August 10, at I would like to add a petition for a Lecab MAC version as well Publier les commentaires Atom. In Nuendo, the crash will occur when the Steinberg patch browswer is used to switch patches.

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LeCab1 words well though.

LePou Free Amp Sim Plugins Overview (Video) | Masters of Music

Let me know if you find a download link for it. A new version should be avalaible very soon It would not surprise me at all if we start hearing about classic albums or songs being recorded with these. LeCab2 is the evolution of LeCab1. Here is the download link: I have all your plug-in. Impulse troncation could lead to what's call frequency leakage and then produce atrifacts in the low and high part of the frequency spectrum as shown pouoin the figure below where the blue line is the frequency response of a truncated impulse.

LeGion — A high gain preamp sim that is an original piece of gear not based on real hardware.

Hey lepou, LeCab2 used to work perfectly fine the it just crashed one day. Your blog posts are superb. The plugins are available for both Mac and Windows.

I have made some tests. Really nice piece of software.

No sound was played. Reaper cannot start, and corrupt the entire project "Reaper has encountered a problem and poupin to close": Live-in Space offers its customers a complete suite of Plug and play office space for rent in Bangalore Solutions including buying, Lease and sale of property with an approach that is multi-disciplinary, well thought-out and completely integrated.

LePou Free Amp Sim Plugins Overview (Video)

This is the only thing that lacks in complete hapiness of using Your great plugins, dear Lepou! You did an excellent job. Hi, with total objectivity let me tell you you make the best amp sims out there of all. I am using them all over the place.

Lecab2 its a hit! I just bought a new sound card that supports high sampling rates and I'm thinking about going Hz as many recommend for music but currently I couldn't find a way to make Lecab2 work at this sampling rate.

Please keep them coming. Support for further development Thank You. I think this is the best impulse loader, and I think is better than lecab1 for the possibility of using like impulses browser, but there is pouli problem with that, and I think there is a big one maybe the same problem of sticktoyogunz up there.

In the revision, I have fixed a potential problem that can leads to crash, maybe that's what gives you problem. LeCab 2 lets you run up to 6 simultaneous impulses, there are a variety of filters and effects, including phase and delay, and latency control down to 64 samples.

Instead if I use other plugins they works. You do not have to rely on just one service provider. So - you are crash free unless you dare to use the patch browser of the respective host.

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Latest Popular Comments Tags. Enter your email address to receive updates: Thank you for all your awesome plugins.

Not lceab huge problem, and i'm sure it is a quick fix if you decide to re-release it. Otheriwse, everything is perfect, yours plugs are amazing.