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This reminds me of when someone edited together a version of the battle with all of Lux's first-verse material, then in the second round he cut in Lux's actual second round that he spit on an interview, and then re-edited Lux's third. I am getting some sick burns on the sub these days. This was great without the crowd stuff, thanks for making it, but I wish you had left in the stuff about receiving this work. Appreciate this as someone who's been trying to get into URL for a while but finds the video lengths daunting!

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I was able to cut 20 minutes out and if you want to see the full-speed versions of the choke and picture reveal, then check out the original. A real estate agent? You brought a casket with you? We don't even pux a batter You's a waste of my motherfuckin' time, nigga [Lyrics from: This is just about the actual rap. I'm betting Cal and Hitman are stickmen And you wear the wedding gown All I'm saying is y'all lozded, yo, the scenario Same def and style, but why are your expressions foul?

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Don't HBO pay Floyd every time he dress up to fight? Shoot a father from his son Then turn around and put that boy on the corner? Be careful my friend. You dropped 30 in a couple of games?

Classic Battles: Loaded Lux vs Calicoe

Yeah, y'all lowded this shit, y'all the reasons The labels think battle rappers can't make songs today But your man got the longest face He like he want to try somethin' The first nigga who says he got his back gon' die frontin' Any problems with my niggas, them 9's dumpin' All my niggas quick to suit up; they're job huntin' You show out, get show down, don't lie, sucker Die like Evel Knievel if he arrives stuntin' Since when Lux was a threat in the game?

AZ App Follow us on: That don't plague your mind? One of the most talked about, controversial and notorious battles of all time, now in a palatable size.

This was great without the crowd stuff, thanks sv making it, but I wish you had left in the stuff about receiving this work. These niggas really got me stressed Fuck them! I make history Remember Goodz was talking about a patent leather vest Or Calicoe versus Cortez Or something I wanted y'all to get lloaded see It's funny how shit change, right? It's what I always thought was obvious from the first time watching the battle, then I saw what the culture took from that battle and ran with afterwards.

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After I rob you, I'm taking all your personal shit Tell your bitch to get out the car And leave her purse in the whip I'm thirsty with clips, let me find out he workin' with bricks I'm squirtin' some shit that can leave him with a reversible hip I swear to God, every bar and every verse that he spit It just be all wordplay, sound like some nursery shit Y'all like wordplay?

Use of this caliicoe constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You gon' tell it then tell it all Instead of yelling: It's gon' be a lot of head rolls Breath hold 'til the death toll, you know You Detroit niggas came to get divided But y'all gone always come together at funerals You've even now decided But why is this done every time that the preacher signs in?

Haha I appreciate good ribbing on here. Or leave your son out here alone luz fend for himself Knowing he need order? Well, back in the day, I heard you was extorting niggas? This reminds me of when someone edited together a version dalicoe the battle with all of Lux's first-verse material, then in the second round he cut in Lux's actual second round that he spit on an interview, and then re-edited Lux's third.

Why was that nigga to cool to go to flight school And learn how to fly planes through the friendly skies?

Calicoe - Loaded Lux vs Calicoe lyrics

Upload to Vimeo will probably a better bet. Watching Raptors rounds without crowd reaction would be terrible. But nah, he told you he had to do what he had to do To put food on y'all plate to dine You mean you tell me all that slangin' and bangin' Was to give y'all greater lives? Well, hello nigga, switchboard Then God said "let there be light" So I ain't gotta guess that you bright But I'll put pieces of you everywhere Nigga, if its gon' help you collect your life Now correct me if I ain't right, but don't the press get a price for every time they verb with the hype?

You know, I even had a couple legends come meet us off their starships I showed how bad Goodz was, I let K shine ICE would freeze a nigga before the sparks went Remember where you seen it first Arsonal and Clips both cleaning out their cartridge Gave Rich Dollaz a lean target Goddamnit, we got Big T started Word, if it wasn't for us, shieet Nigga Verb would still be in the flea market But you, you, you're my greatest creation You would think we were two nation when it was war declared But you can't send boys who crawling scared To men who walk through dares It's an insult to compare, Detroit, we can't even call this fair I just came to show him, that I planted this here notion Way before you were long or where Oh, you be in Chicago?

You see, before the URL, me and the good folks over at Lionz Den we took battle rap, revamped and new breeded this department.

When God gave him drive? But the fact they talked about him in gambling spot and barber chairs I know niggas saw you there This is why a mind like mines has long been feared This is compensation for helping jump starting your career This is payback for every match of yours that aired You can't see how in this one night, I got in front of every camera that you've ever been on, for years So that would mean for you, all ends here It's like the farmer told the potato I'ma plant you now, dig you later You see, we break them then deflate them With this battle shit it's battleships Sometimes you gotta blow them up to sink 'em It took patience, I was staking, scouting, casing The door racing between the couch potato, window when the house was vacant And its pretty clear to me now.

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