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I will tell you how it all went Sunday. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone you've loved for ages and just literally be able to be in the moment, hug them and just hang out and talk, get some selfies and just enjoy your time Remember your video choices. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. Well today i think was a better day; as school was good plus after school was alright even though I got a bit stressed out but it was all good and I feel like at the moment all of a sudden Im getting so many opportunities and its just so good for me.

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If you look at my blog and is always up to date comment down below things you want me to write about instead of me just writing about my days.

As tomorrow is PaperTownTour London I may or may not go and meet my fav youtuber but Im still undecided as it's after school. They are the sweetest and most caring guys ever, and Im always happy when I am with the.

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But I finally had the courage and created one to see how it goes. Everyone is proud of and what you can achieve. I have a camping bag full of food lol. I'm very happy lately as it is 3 weeks left till summer break and I am free from school but I am defo not excited to be back at school in September because slight changes in school which have annoyed me a fiirst. But you will be the first ones the know.

This is a wrap for the topic of the week, see you soon. This weekend should be very fun as I am going camping but thing is that you tbe a 6hour walk which is such an effort for an internet person like me lol and then to make it even worst as I am a very sporty girl I have a running event the next day Monday which sucks because I will be tired and my legs will hurt so much, but I will fine.

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You know that feeling you get when you meet someone you've loved for ages and just literally be able to be in the moment, hug them and just hang out and talk, get some selfies and just enjoy your time You have the right to be happy wherever you are and no matter where you are.

If I am able to post tje will done or later today but anyway.

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Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. These are some questions you should be considering asking yourself about your figst. If you have a really good Netflix series please tell me as I may have not watched it before because I just started using Netflix.

Hope the rest of my week goes better than how it has started.

Watch artist interviews here. Tuesday, 9 June Insecurities.

Believe in yourself and if anyone calls you ugly tell them to ''fuck themselves'' as they want the bad for you and you know when haters hate they really are jealous of you and want to be you. I promise this is my last post for today but anyway love you guys: Well today I didn't do much.

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Thursday, 25 June Song of the week. I am a very insecure person, I get insecure about everything. Lets see who's in the chart next week and if 1 will stay 1.

Well as I mentioned in one of my blog posts is that I have song of the week now and this weeks song of the week is: Not much happened But lately I've been very happy because I just am I don't even know the reason myself lol. They come to you when they need you but go when you need them If you they really have time for you: Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address.

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Oh crap, I forgot. Always play videos fullscreen. Also my favourite youtuber is doing a massive UK Tour for the movie Paper Towns which I am going to but the bad is that it is straight afterschool so it will be very stressful as I have to rush out of school.