Enlightenus ii the timeless tower

Place the pieces in the right categories according to the given clues. Darkwater Bay Walkthrough Dark Tales: Thanks for the warning. The glorious, glorious mini-games.

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I was so happy that this edition continued with the Hidden Object Scenes requiring you to replace items back into the scene. No ads, no adware, no spyware. I think you will enjoy this version of the game much more than the previous one.

The Big Fish Guarantee: Your reward is an engraved token button which is put into a schematic for each of the 6 floors. Share on Facebook Share Tweet.

I absolutely loved the first in the series, and also love this one. UniqueGreat GraphicsAddictive. Match similar pairs of items i. The length of this game is enlighttenus good, not too short or too long. Use these clues to find the right match for the object.

Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Walkthrough - Gamezebo

We hope you find this information enlgihtenus as you play your way through the game. Yes, it's from The Escape Hotel 3: Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, I'll have a hankering to revisit this game. Go forward and take a closer look at the painting on the left. You may exit a Clock World scene anytime by clicking on the Back enlightenua on the bottom right of the screen.

Click that compartment to trigger a puzzle 7.

It's kind of difficult to explain, but the scenes are of different times and places in the past, and you traveled there because you've towet to find the missing pieces of the clock maker's masterpiece. The Timeless Gowera sequel to the original Enlightenusis an utterly intriguing adventure game. While working on the incredible Ageless Clock, something goes wrong and pieces of the device end up all over the Timeless Tower. Reviews at a Glance.

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Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. Happy Gaming to All! These provide a means to move on to the next level of the tower and help you complete Clarence's strange invention. The Option C Button allows you to adjust screen size and volume.

Period - that's all you do. You can't just look for things - you have to actually hover over EVERYthing searching for where it belongs.

Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. Use the mouse to find and replace items in each scene, and to play mini-games. Click on the left door to activate a puzzle.

Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower

The Timeless Tower at Shockwave. The Timeless Tower Working as an investigative reporter, you cover some fascinating stories.

Go up the steps and open the portrait on the left wall. More Games Like This. Open the Ageless Clock! I have found very few HOG's that don't repeat locations, unless they are very short.