Disinformation pacepa

It also blows my mind just how bad and utterly useless this review is. Today, still living undercover in the United States, the man credited by the CIA as the only person in the Western world who single-handedly demolished an entire enemy espionage service--the one he himself managed--takes aim at an even bigger target: I was more familiar with the history and theology for that episode, and flew through the pages, riveted by Pacepa's information. On Christmas Day , Ceausescu was executed by his own people at the end of a trial whose accusations came almost word-for-word out of Red Horizons.

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I had guessed Oswald had done it based on Soviet-provided training and direction simply based on his having moved there after becoming disaffected with the US, but then moving back here again. I wholehearted recommend this book. Pacepa, a former chief of Romanian intelligence, gets the theory of Soviet disinformation completely right.


He defected to the Disonformation States following President Jimmy Carter's approval of his request for political asylum. The author is a bit biased. He is now a United States citizen, a writer, and a columnist.

Subsequently, he worked with American intelligence in various operations against the former Eastern Bloc.

Qu Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa Well worth reading through the repeats to lock on to how we're being bamboozled by a KGB and willing accomplices in our American political life. Gave a lot pacepaa think about.

The central story of Hitler's Pope is interesting in places and takes us beyond the half-way mark. Feb 22, Tina Tamman rated it it was ok. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories regarding beliefs of involvement by American officials. All those "insurgents" in Ukraine, I wonder. Pacepa does make a good case for this, but the book is a little too breathless, a little too sensationalistic and a little too tone-deaf to the rigors disinformatin the fact-based community in America to be the tour de disinfoemation it could have been.

I highly recommend this read for anyone who wants to gain insight into how we are being fooled on a regular basis by fools who regurgitate dezynformatzia as gospel.

This book contains firsthand information on how the KGB worked. And towards the end, Pacepa has complaints about events in recent US history that aren't supported as well as they need to be in order to be My experience with this was a bit up and down: Views Read Edit View history. Pacepa's writing is remarkably approachable considering the disinvormation matter.

September 4,Nos.

Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It just blows my mind how effective these disinformation ca The five stars I gave this book do not mean it's well written. This is a disappointing book because of its self-satisfied tone and lack of author credibility.

About Ion Mihai Pacepa. His claim that the former Soviet Union is the first intelligence-communtiy-led totalitarian state in history is close to the mark, but I believe there is much more to this picture than Pacepa himself reveals. Do you know the real story behind what happened?

I shouldn't really be allowed online when I'm this tired! Here the reader will discover answers to many crucial questions of the modern era: Preview — Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Important read, I think, and sadly, very pertinent disinformaiton our times On Christmas DayCeausescu was executed by his own people at the end of a trial whose accusations came almost word-for-word out of Red Horizons.

Disinformation is a book that needs to be on every English speaking library shelf, and needs to be read by every English-speaking history teacher. I do not have here the space to list all my reasons to distrust the author.

Disinformation by Ion Pacepa and Prof.