Borgore ruined dubstep ep

Well heard excision, numbernine6, datsik mixing metal with dustep His raps make me cringe, he sounds all over the place. This forum is locked. I kinda enjoyed it. But you tell that slag, that in the ghetto, washing non-colourfast synthetics at 60 degrees could cost you your life

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Is this supposed to be mastered? Awwww i needed to express my rage Never thought Borgore would get so much hate, then again, from all I read here everyone hates everything. If i want some cacophonic shit ill go back to death metal The mix is wack. His raps make me cringe, borfore sounds all over the place.

‎Ruined Dubstep Part 2 - EP by Borgore on Apple Music

His tracks are all original nobody else in dubstep has a sound like him. Borgore Ruined Dubstep EP debate, appreciation, interviews, reviews events or releasesvideos, radio shows.

Dubstep is gettin so first degree with this new scene Plus all the guy did is some dry cuts The old forum is locked, but it will remain open for reading. Criticising an artist is like asking why the sky is blue. Click here to see it on Mixcloud. Continue the discussion by creating a rujned topic on The New Dubstep Forum.

Well heard excision, numbernine6, datsik mixing metal with dustep I personally like Borgore but his tunes are either really good, or damn right god awful. I have heard Drum and Bass, Fidget, and Hardstyle mixed into a dub set but never metal. Which is all really "whatever" to me Thats the point, now its all about who can mix the most noisiest tracks in the least amount of times Board index Forums General Discussion.

This forum is locked. I just don't really get the Borgore phenomenon.

Return to General Discussion. Which kind of seems like for formula for a Borat-like joke persona Then in the past year it seems like he blew up by adding juvenile "sexy" elements to his tunes and rapping like somebody from an eastern-bloc country who doesn't speak english.

Release “Borgore Ruined Dubstep EP, Part 2” by Borgore - MusicBrainz

Borgore Ruined Dubstep EP. I also heard rumour that your sister is the girl singing on "ice cream"? They seem to think that to be dark and hard u gotta put some ''power tools noize'' and the pre-teen wannabe gangsta lyrics When i first heard his tunes - the stuff that eventually came out on the gorestep ep - i was pretty into them.

I know, we can get instrumentals but surely in this internet age the man Borgore himself should look at the feedback and just not rap ever again. This track is so hot it's making me sexist I never heard anyone drop metal in the middle of a dub set before. We have migrated to a new forum platform community.

Borgore Ruined Dubstep

I kinda enjoyed it. Yes he played some metal. It is in fact my semen.