Smaartlive rta software

I know it is very confusing in the beginning when you are trying to learn both the software and the theory behind it. This lets you hear what you are recording while you are recording it. In that case you must use an outboard soundcard. Now, where is the feedback comming from? It would be best to NOT start a new thread on the same issue..

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This lets you hear what you are recording while you are recording it. Malinda Lowe I have to be careful here.

As far as feedback my guess is the same as Andy's and check for an open mic that might be causing it. Take a close look at where your measurement mic channel is routed to. It would be best to NOT start a new thread on the same issue. Having all the other mics muted is not enough.

If it's in the laptop speakers, it's eta internal routing, and you should be able to defeat that, as Too Tall said. I own Praxis, not Smaart. If you are trying to do this inside to flat out and set up your speakers initially then its going to be tough. Thanx once again to all of you….

It's easy to make images show up on the screen, but quite another to evaluate what one sees, and then make decisions based on what one is being shown.

Smaart Live RTA Help

Try to simplify the setup as much as possible to troubleshoot it. It's not so much getting it hooked up, once you figure that out, smaartllve do it right every time I'm sure there are other possibilities that I haven't thought of, too. If it's the PA system, you have the measurement mic routed to the PA as well as your laptop. I suggest you take a look at SIA's website. It should be dead silent. How are you feeding the mic back to the computer?

Now, where is the feedback comming from? From Smaart or from a CD or tra a pink noise generator in the mixer?

They have additional information and support there. I need to analyze my PA using Smaart Live and I went through the getting started manual and I made the connection according to sottware manual.

Some laptops have this feature and no way of turning it off.

Convenient to Greensboro and triad area. List Hero Member Offline Posts: To make sure start recording something anything will do and listen at the soundcard output. All the stage mics were muted.

Can dmaartlive one tell me the best way to analyze my System…? Go back to the SIA website and go through all the help files and go through some measurements.

How are you feeding pink noise into the speakers? Too Tall Curtis H.

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It will softwage a great help for me… please reply me soon Keep plugging away, no pun intended and you'll get this. Is it routed to the left and Right or Mono main output?

I think your problem is one of hookup, is NOT unique as in, others have done it, tooand the answers are probably on the SIA pages.