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I also found some examples but I do not know how to set it up in eclipse?

JavaPOS short for Java for Point of Sale Devicesis a standard for interfacing point of sale POS software, written in Javawith the specialized hardware peripherals typically used to create a point-of-sale system.

If you have any additional doubts javzpos wish to enquire about particular licensing issues please contact our Legal Department at legal openbravo.

Openbravo Java POS

However, if we do want to include a contribution into our source tree, we need to be sure that we can use it under our current free software license, other alternative licenses that may be requested now or in the future, or commercial terms. A few of the hardware types that can be controlled using JavaPOS are. And more importantly, can it be accessible via web?

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A copy of the Openbravo Contribution Agreement can be found here. The POS software interacts with the control object to control the hardware device. Please include text stating the product "includes Openbravo software" on any packaging or other physical means of distributing the Openbravo Java POS software. Retrieved from " https: I already did the health check, and it's ok.

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Thanks to emigonza and his examples I have a headstart. The Control Objects load and communicate with appropriate Service Objects. Is it possible that Epson ADK will be enough to access the other brands too? Views Read Edit View history.

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I just checked it out and it somehow works. Contributions to the code base are welcome, including bug fixes and new developments, although they will not necessarily be included in the source tree.

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