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Meanwhile, Ravunni master, who resigned after Thomas ran away from the village, comes back with his daughter Thulasi Thomas's childhood friend and see how bad the situation has become. We will get back to you soon. Thomas worked hard, and did well in his language paper, but his father asked his language teacher Ravunni master to grade his paper so as to fail him, on the belief that only low grades will provoke him to study harder. Anuragame Anuragame No rating. Please send your message.

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While the necklace was actually a gift from Thulasi given in the name of Thoma, this leads her to be deserted on the day of her wedding.

His achievements made him narcissistic as a father, wanting to make his son as good a mathematician as himself. The film's original soundtrack was composed by S.

Thomas Chacko, or "Aadu Thoma" as he is widely known, is a local gangster and a quarry owner, who is notorious for being the undefeated champion in his confronts and the unrivaled contender in the trade.

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Thomas's talent astonished others, whereas his father saw them as a waste of time, or even as insults showered at him. Retrieved from " https: He is the son of the retired school headmaster Chacko Chacko masterthe President's medal winner in mathematics. Spadikam Directed by Bhadran Produced by R. LalithaRajan P. He feels that his end is near and his deeds are soon poknchola ricochet back at him. Thulasi as well as the Vicar of the church and Vakkachan, try to mediate between the two by trying to get Thomas invited by his father to his sister's wedding.

Archived from the original on 10 October Chacko master succumbs to his injuries and dies in front of Thomas. This section's plot summary may be too ezhimaa or excessively detailed.

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At last Tomas kills him by throwing him to a deep waterhole in his quarry. Please send your message.

His language teacher did as asked regretting it later on. Chacko master, who punished his students ruthlessly, treated his son worse — assuming him to be behind every mischief in school and punishing him until the actual culprit gives in. The ice slowly melt and he secretly visit his son in the hospital. Thomas's only regret is that he could not get a chance to apologize to Balu, who died in a bike-accident; for which he feels his father is to blame, as he praised the boy too much so as to bring an early death upon him.

He always compared his son to the best student in the class — Balu the son of a 'simple' police constableadding to his pressure.

With her help, he tries to back out from poonchoa wrong course of life. Archived from the original on 22 February Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Thomas is taken into police custody on charges of murder, leaving the hapless family in tears.

The title "Spadikam" means "crystal" or " prism poonchoal, the splitting of light by a prism being a metaphor for human nature. Meanwhile, Ravunni master, who resigned after Thomas ran away from the village, comes back with his daughter Thulasi Thomas's childhood friend and see how bad the situation has become.

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Pookoya, a local baron, is the newly-made enemy of Thoma, along with his sub-inspector S. Have you got question? This force him to rat his son out to the police on a later occasion, thrashing him with a cane like he used to do in the early days; surprising even the S.

Retrieved 22 February The product is already in the wishlist! ONV Listen to sample karaoke. Unlike his father Thomas was not good at math, but was a child prodigy in mechanical and electronic gadgetry like a mechanical timer school bell, something the admirers call "miracle bell" for its excellence and innovation.