The default value is seconds. This property allows to disable such a behaviour. This property should be used for testing purposes only Example: Keeps server session alive by asynchronously pinging the server from the browser as long as the browser window is open. AjaxSwing also has its own font.

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The name of the host localhostport and the application name myapp should match your environment. AjaxSwing supports logging of operations progress.

If you are using application preloading, passing dynamic parameters will not work since the main method is invoked before the request is received by ajaxswwing router servlet.

The default value is seconds.

Examples of Swing conversion to HTML and AJAX

Rendering and Window customization properties. All properties default to the zjaxswing specified in the parent properties file and can be overridden. Server-side web applications that use servlets and JSP files do not need a graphics environment.

You can run the console either through the AjaxSwing program group on Windows, or using the asConsole. Client applications that use Swing and AWT applications must have a graphics environment to execute. Note, that the changes to the application properties file will not take effect until you restart the web sever or servlet engine. This parameter can not be overriden by application property files, so it always has to be specified in default.

Once opened, locate "processDefinition" tag in the file. If the values need to be retained, use autoSubmit Example: Generally a value between 5 and 50 is recommended and the best way to find out what should it be for an application is to run a load test.

Just like you would specify them on ajaxwing HTML page, you need to add each parameter and its value to the properties file. Java applications can be deployed into AjaxSwing platform in less then 30 minutes. If a server needs to handle concurrent users, then setting clientsPerJVM to 50 would mean that there will be 10 JVMs executing on the server.

Customizing AjaxSwing using application properties and initialization parameters

You can also create the application properties file manually as described in Creating application properties file manually. Preloading eliminates the wait during the initialization of the application when the first client connects. The detailed message is placed into the session as ajaxswing. The actual port numbers will be between router. Follow the steps below: It is a good practice and will have virtually no effect on performance as long as the number of emulations ajaxsing kept reasonably high.

If set to true, AjaxSwing will not replace platform font configurtion with a virtual one. HTML generation and display properties. If set to true, AjaxSwing will generate human-readable ajaxsding names.

Installation, setup and application configuration guide

Allows you to override the default JVM logic loading the fonts. Ultimately, you must make sure that the java invocation line has a parameter java. However, depending on the complexity of the client code putting too many clients into the same JVM may degrade the response time for each ajaxswjng the clients.

It is highly recommended to read this setup guide entirely to avoid configuration errors.

Page title for applets. Allows you to specify what will the applet get when it calls getDocumentBase method of AppletContext. If set to true, the router will wait during the initialization for the application's initialization to finish main function to return.

For a full list of features see the Features page. Name of the theme that should be used when aajaxswing the application HTML.