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The time now is Dune CM is a very powerful synth on it's own. I am a subscriber and it was just dropped through my door this afternoon. My patch select slider Xboard 25 also causes some VST's to switch presets, and causes all parameter sliders to jump even if the preset doesn't change.

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I am sebracm subscriber and it was just dropped through my door this afternoon. Essentials Only Full Version. Wave's Renaissance and Gold. Send a private message to DarkStar.

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They are stable and lower latency then their 32 bit version. Yes, I have CM too, and am very happy about having this version of Zebra! I just came across the obscure podolski synth Urs made for another German mag and installed it. Fri Zebracmm 04, 1: Fri Jan 07, Fri Jan 04, 1: Sun Dec 24, 6: There are 3 pages of tutorial, that explain the features of the oscillators, filters and FX. The VCF module is the good old one as known from Zebra 1. Fri Mar 09, Find More Posts by influenced.

I then changed it back to ZebraCm.

You still can tweek reverb length, EQ and mix. Support is provided via the Linux and u-he communities on our forum. If you've just rebuilt Windows XP, then I'd bet that this is the problem.

Do you have to get new issue to update old versions? By the way - does anyone know what to do with the presets? Is there any way to ignore this MIDI cc?

But you can find some good free presets on the net. They probably needed to offset the fact that they wasted an issue doing a writeup on Vista Different VST's have different folder structures when you install them, but I would go to the folder where you installed ZebraCM and see if it has a sub-folder called "patches" or something else like that. Preset browser in ZebraCM.

I love ZebraCM; technically it's the current version of what was Zebra 1, and it still sounds thick enough but is far easier to fool with than building up the modular bits of Zebra 2. I've seen references before to CM freebies, but hadn't paid all that much attention.

If not, you can get it free from www. Zebra2 is by far my favorite synth of all time.


ZebraCM is a stripped-down version of Zebra 2 with a selection of modules organised in a simple layout. I've seen references before to CM freebies, but hadn't paid all that much attention However, the list above has my interest. Wow, what a gift. Find More Posts by The Telenator.


Vvst couldn't get Zebra CM to run! I'll check it out when I get the chance. So I tried controlling Zebra through Live's parameters the option where you can press 'configure' and add VST parameters to abletonbut it still jumps, even with pickup or value scaling enabled in ableton. Thu Apr 07,