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Make your rcon password lower case higher case and symbols then it wont get hacked. The one suggested in this guide is the mcrcon tool by Tiiffi. AlienX , Jan 14, Most server providers use TCAdmin or a custom skinned version of it , a game server management tool - TCAdmin does not fire up Batch Files, it will fire up the EXE itself with custom arguments based on the customers requirements directly from their profile and that servers port usage. So this is after rust announced that they caught this early and patched it..

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Find More Posts by Saddin. How hard would it be? There are other techniques but I not show they here since this is just "demo".

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All rcon commands used on your server will be logged to a log file in your servers Logs folder. Rcon, Modding Rcon Author: This site uses cookies. Home in a few hours. They then managed to login as rcon and spawned c4 and signals to everyone.


If you are hosting your own, a typical location for the Game. Or You change your password for a strong one, with symbols in it.

In case someone intercepts message with hmac-md4, either rcon command with time or challenge, he or she can make fast offline brute force on MAC. Just for your information, the following is the content of the udp packet but there are TONS of information online about rcon: Cron from " https: Page 1 of 2.

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I could make the basic program to send a command but when it comes to custom functions and the sockets parts im pretty lost. Then it would easily be getten by brute force. My goal is to create a very simple rcon tool for CoD4. While rcon provides basic authentication for commands being sent to server it is not providing any authentication methods for message that passes from server.

Help My server Rcon hacked by someone. They hacked my rcon password You brutte 2 choices. Originally Posted by Saddin Is there any other way to hack?

So as you see using rcon over network isn't secure. The whole community needs to know if they can be targeted this easily. Sorry for bad english. They hacked my rcon password Just disable it rcon 0 in the server. They hacked my rcon password Was your rcon pw ? Page 1 of 1.

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Some people from other server just hacked twice in two hours my rcon password. ResistanceJan 13, They guarentee it is safer in command line. It also possible to increase ephemeral port range, but this will only little bit increase burte required to guess port.

So this is clearly not patched. Assuming that you're using the mcrcon tool, you can connect to your server with the following command in a terminal window:. In the first post you said that you are lost with sockets programming so