Oum taragalte

It is quick and easy. You basically inspired many moroccans. Ga3 tes musiques kay mezkonii!!

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Thank you for sharing! For two years, she alternated recording sessions and concerts in Casablanca with the Brotherwood band. Considered an ambassador of Moroccan culture,[5] she mixes hassani, jazz, gospel, soul, afrobeat and Sufi music influences in her songs. RFI Musique in French. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube. Blitz The Ambassador " 4: She wrote and co-directed it with Mathis Haug.

Taragalre all force from western imperialism to divide our people in the continent, the so called sub Sahara African and our North African brother and sister are been living together long before Arab and European set their foot on this beloved atragalte amazing continent.

Oum - Taragalte

At the same time, she began to perform in public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Very moving voice indeed!

Zarabi which means "carpets" in Moroccan Darija and it is a tribute to the carpet weavers of the village of M'Hamid El Ghizlane. Plz visit us at MoroccoUSA [.

Oum (singer)

om Regional languages, customs and traditions, but a single Moroccan identity. Thanks to Oum and all those who are featured in this song and its video.

I can't wait to see you in Casablanca This taraglte reflexes what we really are: She know how to use the spirit of Morocco. Want to suggest songs for Song of the Day or to say anything about it?

pancocojams: Oum- Taragalite (Soul Of Morocco) (information, lyrics, video, & comments)

For two years, she alternated recording sessions and concerts in Casablanca with the Targaalte band. I'm from Algeria, we are lucky because we are from North Africa on the Mediterranean, we have the most beautiful artists, a wonderful food, and nice people Her song Taragalte targalte the album Soul of Morocco was used in the movie Beirut film.

U're the Soul and Pride of our dear Kingdom Morocco. Very rarely you find singers singing the same song using multiple languages, My Friends, this is made in Morocco!! Oum, as she is generally known has a variety of influences, was born in Casablanca and grew up in Marrrakech.

Oum - Taragalte lyrics

Batterie, percussions Damian Nueva: It give me joy with all our diversity as people, we can still come together. Ga3 tes musiques kay mezkonii!! Newer Post Older Post Taeagalte.

This video reports all the highlights of this stay in the Moroccan desert. Taragalye, who grew up in Marrakechis a soul singer.

Ga3 your music kay mezkonii!! You basically inspired many moroccans. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. She will be invited to one of his concerts for sure. Whowameans "him" in dialectical Moroccan Darija in the first single from her second album Sweerty -means luck in Moroccan dialectical Arabic Darijawas released with a video clip in January