Corisande font

Futura A bold font, in more ways than one, Futura is probably my most favourite font. Times Roman replaced Times Europa in followed by T imes Millennium in , Times Classic in which was designed to take advantage of the new computer-based publishing system, and Times Modern in , designed for improving legibility in smaller font sizes on both the computer and in print. The only Serif font that I have here. Not as bulky as Bodoni or Didoni, Didot is a splendid example of poise, balance and elegance.

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Corisande Font

Who the hell is Bradley, and why hath his hand wrought such evil? The font is most famous for being used in the film for However, the font can grate on the eyes when it is used in everything from professional emails to lost dog posters. corisanre

Brush Script is the ultimate in deceitful fonts. The Times in without headlines or images. Bradley Hand is the artificial wood veneer of typefaces, often used to try to make something look classy, but usually makes dorisande look cheap instead.

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It is like a comb-over, used by people trying to hide the fact that they are actually using a typeface. Be that as it may, the omnipresence of the font and its use in inappropriate situations has lead to its appearance on this list.

Algerian is another such font. Gill Sans Gill Sans is an extremely neutral font which is used for a surprising number of famous logos. The most annoying thing about this font though is that it was named in honour of one of the greatest artists in history. The only Serif font that I have here. Neuland Inliine used to bring to mind the image of Native Americans or… dinosaurs. Another reason for the surprise at my acceptance of this font may also be that that fact that this font, like Comic Sans, has foolish hysteria that surrounds it.

T-shirts have been printed denouncing it as a curse on humanity.

Make up your mind. A bold font, in more ways than one, Futura is probably my most favourite font. Take the quiz here.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Neuland used to conjure up images of the African Savannah. The website challenges anyone to take the quiz and see how many of the logos you can correctly identify as Helvetica.

It was used as part of the logo for the Jerry Springer Show, perhaps in an attempt to make it seem as if Springer had written it in his own handwriting. There are some typefaces which work well within a design. Didot The only Serif font that I have here. The corisandd followed a few weeks later with equal measures of disdain and national shame. Like Brush Script, Bradley Hand is an attempt to imitate the handwriting of some imaginary person.

Corsiande by Vincent Connare inthe pervasiveness of this font as well as its misuse has lead to it being one of the most reviled fonts of all time.

I find it a refreshing alternative to Helvetica which can be overused. Click to enlarge in a new window. Then again, which ancient Egyptian have you seen writing like that? Email required Address never made public. It has since been superceded by Arial as sans-serif fonts gain in popularity against serif ones, but you do still see it coeisande lot.

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Dorisande invented it for a cartoon dog, which was an avatar of a particular computer program he used. Even Curlz is more consistent than Jokerman, which just has random dots, ridges and lines all over it for no corisabde reason at all.

It may be surprising that this font appears on my favourite list because it is almost as ubiquitous as Comic Sans, and it is, admittedly, quite a plain and rather unimaginative font.

I also believe that overuse and misuse as well as perceived attractiveness also tend to have an impact on the way fonts are generally viewed. TNR now is what Courier was 30 years ago: