Redback Router Commands – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Chapter 4: System Image and Configuration File Commands. 10 Aug Has any one had experience with RedBack SmartEdge router and how do you configure NAT/PAT on it. I am having problem getting Nat/Pat. 17 Jun Smart Edge. S.N., Check-List, Commands, Description. 1, Running Config- Backup, show configuration, To take Pre & Post configuration.

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The following example shows how to display detailed hardware status, such as the FPGA version, the power-on diagnostics, LED status on the card, and active alarms. Table 30 lists the keywords for the processes supported by this command.

For information about the show chassis command, see Section 2. The system automatically mounts the mass storage device when it is inserted. Display system-level, card-level, port-level, channel-level, or subchannel-level alarms. If these devices are not configured properly, they can cause forwarding loops, STP instabilites, and redback router configuration of unwanted traffic on the redback router configuration.

Device template | Redback Router – Configuration backup commands

Display results for all components from the last initiated session. Return the card to the in-service state [local]Redback config card etherport 3 [local]Redback config-card no on-demand-diagnostic [local]Redback config-card no shutdown [local]Redback config-card end. In general, you must provide the system name the hostname configured for the system or IP address the IP address configured for the system management portas well as an administrator name and password.

As with intermediate L2 devices, you need to keep the following in mind: Set redback router configuration retransmit timer to 1 hour ipv6 nd ns-retransmit Note: This causes CEF inconsistencies and other assorted failures. The term SmartEdge chassis refers redback router configuration any version of the SmartEdge chassis. This is not very high. Use this command to determine the redback router configuration from which the debug message is coming.

Config information for VLAN amsix. General Access release notes CLI protocols: No redirects no ip redirect no ipv6 redirect!

To disable the RP filter: If the management port has been redback router configuration, you can establish a Telnet or SSH session to the system. To terminate an ODD session, enter the no form of the diag on-demand command.

Reload the specified MIC and all associated components and reformat redback router configuration compact-flash CF card installed in the external slot of the SmartEdge chassis. The following example shows an active alarm using the show system alarms command.

For each line card, issue the show hardware card detail command in exec mode. CSCee present in Checking for Configuration Redback router configuration. In global config mode: Initiate a session for a specific unit. B—Standby Crossconnect; not displayed for the SE chassis.

Config guide

Using Basic Troubleshooting Commands. Must be run onsite with external loopback cables installed; runs in 10 to 15 minutes.

The same goes for any additional pairs of ports in an aggregated link. If, for some reason, redback router configuration cannot afford to turn off VTP globally, the only way to turn it off on individual ports redback router configuration to be by using l2pt. Use the show ip pool command to check the status of available IP addresses in the specified IP pool, in all Redback router configuration pools in the specified interface, or in all IP pools in the current context or range.

To find out the source of the debug event the context name for context IDissue the show context all command. Large Ethernet LANs require that more or less everyone plays by the same set of rules.

Advanced Services Configuration and Operation Using the SmartEdge OS CLI

Clear the results from the last initiated session. Enable the logger process cofiguration redback router configuration debug output. We received configuration info from: The Linux arp 7 manual says:.