Viewtiful joe red hot rumble psp

An all-star cast of new and familiar playable characters will be available in this intense versus-fighting game including Captain Blue Junior, Sprocket and other original characters from the popular Japanese TV animated cartoon series. Unfortunately he can't seem to decide on the lead character. And for good reason.

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And for good reason. If you're stuck in Viewtiful Joe: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Now it's up to gamers to be the star of the show and 'audition' to see who will take the leading role in this big action extravaganza. Suddenly, Rachel is possessed by the equipment, transforming into Tsukumo.

As you fight and when you kill enemies, VFX orbs will appear randomly.

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The Viewtiful Joe rrd and attitude are here in spades, but unfortunately the battles just feel sloppy and unsatisfying. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. You're Good to Go! All this publication's reviews Read full review.

Just about everyone from the two Viewtiful Joe games shows up for their chance at the glitz and glamour of becoming jke big-time movie star. There are five types of minigames, and they're all extremely simple. Clover Studio Genre s: The game sounds very familiar as well.

Also in the PSP version is Trial Mode, in which you can take on a variety of challenges to try to meet objectives and beat your records. Japan portal Video Games portal s portal.

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble Review

Select One… Viewtiful Joe: All-star cast of playable characters: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the other hand, it does offer some lighthearted action for those looking for that kind of thing. All-star cast of playable characters: Red Hot Rumble has received mostly average reviews from critics.

It's supposed to be, no doubt, but when you can't see where you character is or you can't at all tell what's going on, then something's not right.

There are well more than 20 characters in the game when you include each character's alternate forms and costumes, although most of them are locked when you start playing.

It doesn't always matter though, because even if you're a terrible fighter, you can just run around collecting coins and you'll probably end up winning the battle on coins alone, regardless of whether or not you even tried to complete the objective.

Sign up for free! There are occasional breaks in the chaos in the form of VFX battles. You can play the Story Mode, which has you spp for a spot in a new movie. In this game, based on the anime seriesCaptain Blue is working on his latest film, and in order to determine who will get the lead role, he holds a battle tournament between those who are auditioning.

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More than that, many of the battles feel too chaotic for the game's own good. There are also some exclusive characters that you'll only find in the PSP version of the game, the most notable of whom is Dante, of Devil May Cry fame.

As you fight, orbs will pop up all over the place, and if you get a super-VFX orb, you can use it to initiate a VFX battle, which is a sort of battle within the battle where you compete in simple minigames to steal coins from your opponents. They both feature multi-tiered, interactive stages set on land, sea and air. Other Use Notes Section Below.