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Their magnetized buttons should become more of a standard in the industry and this overall design is well conceived. Also, please read this. But, that would change.

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If you're a fidget focused spinner, I'd give this spinner a shot. Its not the smoothest spin, and definitely not a long spinner.

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Thanks to Alana for the great review. You can make this thing dance back and forth all day without too much finger or joint fatigue because it's such a light design. Memes are allowed, but will be removed if reported. Stainless Steel, Brass Finishes: Failure to do so WILL result in a ban.

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For tooo the Thraxx is the best looking bar spinner out there. I'm looking forward to their next effort! They are actually a little difficult to remove the magnets are so strong, unless you enjoy the feeling of your finger nail bending back at the tip a decent amount.

It takes just two seconds for you to do, and saves the moderators a lot of trouble. Don't be a dick. If it's spin times you came here for, it's going to be around a 1: The stainless steel body and bead blasted finish are as sharp looking in person as they are in the photos.

There's something about the 3 through cuts milled into the stainless steel bow-tie design that make this spinner look like more than what it actually is, which is not a bad thing if attention it is which you seek.

Reviews - Spinetic X Spinner. In all honesty, I didn't love this spinner out of the box.

Looking for recommendations or opinions? What started out as a great looking, not so great spinning fidget spinner for me turned into a very solid first effort from Thraxx.

One spin at a time.