Gujarati natak pati name patangiyu

No, not tomorrow; today itself. So I said I will repair her fuse. If you have changed your mind now.. No, I mean my father selected her, so I agreed.

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Sorry; I had come to give the keys. Just wait and watch.

I feel very light when I sit and talk with you. You have come personally! What shooting was it?

Pati Name Patangiyu Gujarati Natak

Miss Priya, please take this. I think the girl is good-for nothing. What can I do, sister? Mohanlal, where are you? Let me help you.

You can sit here. The whole house was plunged in darkness!

O God, if not fully, then let me flirt partially with my neighbour! Come on call me papa!

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How are your studies going on? Who will do the house work?

Gotiya, do you want to have chocolate? He is so naughty! I say get out!

What influence will it have on the child? So let us start, ok?


Where is your switchboard? My pyjama will slip down! So I am feeling very scared. You have indulged in many amorous pastimes! And I also know that what I am thinking is a sin! She is a crazy woman! I suggest that you should hire a tuition teacher for Gotiya Well, you already know that! I think I will have to do overtime like papa! You did understand what pliers are!

Pati Naame Patangiyu WITH Eng Subtitles| Gujarati Comedy Natak | Siddharth Randeria, Vipul Vithlani

Come on wake up! How would sister Mohan sound? I wash clothes, I cook; no value! I did sit-ups today! The idiot bit me!