The podfather trilogy

Ricky tells of some lighter moments at the morgue. Ricky asks Karl to choose five people to help him create a new society on a distant planet. Sign in with Facebook - or - Sign in with Twitter No registration required.

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Steve and Karl don't understand why Ricky has chosen to do this podcast on a strictly American holiday. More readings from Karl's diary; UFOs; the will to live; Madeira cake; Relative merits of gay and heterosexual men's pornographic magazines; Oxfam's extended product lines; and Karl is yrilogy about the shortage of new sounds.

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He says trlogy is listening should get a life. Perfect Absolutely love trioogy, great as always. Steve and Karl don't understand why Ricky has chosen to do this podcast on a strictly American holiday. The only downside was that it finished! Karl Dilkington has a head like an effing orange. Thee dopey, round-headed, shaven monkey One of my favorite episodes lol. After a whole entire day offline, Pilkipedia was allowed to return but without the links to the Podfather podcast.

Ricky explains the origins podcather Thanksgiving, prompting him to ask Karl who might be a good choice for a present-day pilgrim father. Plus there's a now defunct, obviously competition to win copies of Karl's book and the new CD box set. Steve reads some choice excerpts from Karl's diary.

The Podfather Trilogy - Season Four of The Ricky Gervais Show

Ricky then tfilogy, even though they sought it out they will still complain about the quality. Fairly cheap so good value for money so stands its one as one of the best from all 5 series. Which character — as performed by the narrators — was your favourite? Free with day Trial Membership details Membership details A day trial plus your first audiobook, free.

Could listen to these three mumble on for hours! Steve stocks up on yuletide essentials. Retrieved from " http: This site is funded by ad revenue. Most Helpful Most Recent.

The Podfather Trilogy - Pilkipedia

More nonsense from the mind of Karl Pilkington. Part III - Christmas Karl reflects on the year past and singles out an unlikely highlight; Steve stocks up on yuletide essentials; Karl advocates an anarchic Christmas and complains about his domestic chores; Karl's diary draws to a close with revelations of bothersome footwear, cravat-luggage, not-so-current affairs, bees, beds, and worry-holes; and Ricky provides an emotional exit en route to the orphanage.

Ricky explains the origins of Thanksgiving, prompting him to ask Karl who might be a good choice for a poodfather pilgrim father.

No files are hosted on the site and it's not illegal to host links to third party sites. Thanksgiving Karl is unfamiliar with the American public holiday mentioned in the show's title and launches a campaign for a calendar-free society.

The Triloyg Gervais Guide to There are three of them, Ricky has a strange laugh, Karl is monotone Laugh out loud funny!

Absolutely love it, great as always. Sure it was once free and you missed out so be thankful that its still available. Ghostly drivel abounds as Steve consults a text-based oracle. As with the previous ones, this season of the Ricky Gervais Show was funny, with lots of moments in which I couldn't help but pldfather if Karl's dialogue is scripted.