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INI inside of it you can only see data. Lol stuck with 3 parts left xD. Sign in Already have an account? Posted December 17, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Hit download to visit the website and access the project. Posted January 18, edited.

Posted January 31, Posted December 19, Miruku is based off an old Ragray installer that DID come with it. Posted January 19, You have a client up to date from the 15th Dec, You client have it? Posted January 30, Posted January 23, INI inside of it you can only see data.

Miruku - Okayama/Ice cream

Hello there, just try download the MF link it seems not working, screenshot attached below Thank you for the mirrors. I'll spread the milk miruuku. Posted February 2, edited. I'm not here to argue about it.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maybe that should be added in the next version even if server owners are supposed to replace it anyway. Simply link players to the project's webpage and have them install Miruku. Posted January 18, I noticed that data. Posted January 19, edited.

Edited April 8, by Winz. Register a new account. Thus, the change was unnecessary.

Miruku - Client Tools - rAthena

Instead of that, I'm giving everybody an access well, just hope that no one will delete these files to the account of my Mediafire. Miruku is a full replacement for the RagRay project. Client Releases Search In.

A lcient has been added, http: Vote up for you. Look my Ragnarok Online folder: Posted December 18, Someday when i finish downloading ill be very happy someday. Screenshot Definitely makes it better Post 1. Posted February 4, As I heard so much problems encountered when downloading the file yes, I admit it is all because of my accountI have made a mirror from filecloud. Just downloaded it and noticed that the DATA.