Laplink v for dos

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Pkzip, does that program run on a with kb of ram? EXE Above command on second computer will actually establish a connection between both computers and an appropriate drive letters will be assigned to available drives to target computer.

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BAT into root area of both floppies. If you only need system files backed up you can also use xcopy, although that doesn't do compression, but if it's only C: The fot are powered by Skimlinks. He doesn't use laplink to transfer files between computers but to backup his entire C: Thank you all for the replies.

The software worked much like an FTP program, only the connection was made via one of the short cables provided. You could, as you suggest, remove the hard drive and plug it into your desktop PC, possibly via a cheap external hard drive enclosure.

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Joined Sun Aug 25, 3: I don't need compression, the hard drive is only 20mb big. But in general, I don't see the point of being a cor adopter. If you have your own FTP server where you'd like other members to upload what you're looking for to, please don't post its login details in any open forum as that will probably lead to abuse.

Check that we don't already have the file on our FTP servers. EXE on another computer where the files will be copied.

Or are my system specs too low? I wanted to use Norton Commander 3. See here for everything that doesn't fit BA. I want to copy all the files on my C fpr to a ZIP disk.

How can I transfer files from my DOS laptop?

No registered users and 6 guests. MS-DOS 6 comes with an alternate program called interlink. Wed Jul 01, 1: Microsoft Interlnk Version 1.

My preferred method was to use Traveling Software's wonderful LapLink program.

DOS Interlink - interlinking two computers for file transfers.

dis If you have two PCs with serial ports and a null modem cable, you could also transfer the files using the free File Maven software instead of LapLink. Some things that are required: SYS and so on.

In this page you will find instrucions to use it: Going back to the days before Microsoft Windows 3. Only betas no matter how old or new and finals of operating systems and applications that are at least 10 years old and therefore classified as abandonware are allowed to be uploaded to and shared on the BetaArchive FTP server. Wed Jul 01, 3: I use the Palmzip driver, which makes the mb parallel Zip drive act like an internal hard drive.

Steps of Data Transfer.

Connecting DOS Computers to Windows Computers with Laplink V/DOS

It is easier to use the LPT printer ports. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Hi, norton commander is another good option for file copying tasks from one unit to another, even using the serial or parallel ports, you can copy files from one PC to another by this means.

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