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It's nice to see a simple family movie like this being released into theaters at a time where computer animation films like "Shrek", "The Incredibles", and "Madagascar" are kings. Juan Hernandez Mario Larraza I know this movie doesn't compare to the first two films mentioned but I feel it's just as good as "Madagascar" or a lot of other family films released in the last few years. Use the HTML below. Charles Martin Smith, Stephen W.

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I also have to admit, I was very leery to see this film especially after such a lame trailer, dull poster and hearing about Lindsay Lohan's recent behavior and seeing how she looks like a poor, sickly is darde dil ki sifarish female ringtone from Nigeria.

Fully Loaded" because although it's pretty cheesy its also a fun and enjoyable time.

Herbie gets a little upgrade and they throw in some corny love bug jokes but hey they are harmless and can be taken with a loadfd of salt. Trivia Lindsay Lohan became upset after the film's premiere after discovering her single "First" was placed during the end credits, and not during the big race scene. Fully Loaded" takes off right where the other movies left off.

The Love Bug However, I am very grateful that the film didn't actually suck like the marketing on this film did. Herbie is now washed up and in the junk yard just about to be made into strap metal but just then Maggie A healthy and attractive looking Linday Lohan comes to the junk yard to get a car. As she prepares to leave town for a position with ESPN News, Maggie discovers that Herbie has cully mind of his own--and an alternate route for her future.

We put comedian Lauren Lapkus to the task of picking the nominee most likely to make her cry. I have been hearing full about "Herbie: Yes No Report this. Herbie Fully Loaded 4.

Herbie Fully Loaded () - IMDb

But anyway, I went to see the movie anyway at a sneak preview nonetheless and despite all Lohan's bad publicity lately and the film's lousy marketing campaign, I was actually pretty impressed with the final product of "Herbie: Herbie Rides Again Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Why a junk yard you may ask? But I don't want to get into fuully feelings on Lohan right now but just comment on how much I enjoyed her performance in the movie, and how it is probably my favorite role for her since Freaky Friday.

The film's most memorable scene for me was the scene where Herbie just got bought and comes out of the junk yard and Maggie is trying to drive him to the repair shop to meet up with Kevin Justin Long but she finds out that Herbie has a mind of his own and Herbie drives her.

Maggie has her eye on an old Nissan, but a certain rusty, banged up '63 VW Bug seems to be clamoring for her attention. Like I said earlier this movie had some of the worst marketing and advertising that I have ever seen for a film. I liked how they updated Herbie a bit but didn't over do it. taml

Herbie Fully Loaded () - Connections - IMDb

Unbeknownst to Herbie's driver, thieves have hidden a cache of stolen diamonds in Herbie's gas tank, and are now trying to get them back. Miguel Hernandez Patrick Cranshaw Juan Hernandez Mario Larraza MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Herbie: Overall, I was happy to see Lindsay Lohan looking healthy and enjoying herself on screen along with an old fashioned family film that we rarely see anymore.

I have been seeing nothing but this anorectic, skinny, ugly girl on the cover of various magazines for the past month or so. It was also good to see a healthy and attractive Lindsay Lohan again on screen.

Written by gavin gunmasterM hotmail. And so the cheesy but fun Herbie adventure begins.


Fully Loaded" is much better then the bad trailers lead it to be. Fully Loaded" is a 7 out of It has a lot of heart, a decent story, and is as enjoyable as the previous Herbie Films. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.