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During the design of asynchronous sequential circuits, it is more convenient to name the states by letter symbols without making specific reference to their binary values. When two states are equivalent, one of them can be removed without altering the input-output relation. List out the advantages and disadvantages of Quine-Mc Cluskey method? Reduce the given expression.

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The speed is specified in terms of propagation delay time expressed in nano seconds. With more characters and symbols to represent, this is not completely sufficient. What is a full-adder? What is flow table? What is meant by parity bit? List out the advantages and disadvantages of Quine-Mc Cluskey method? What is called latch? What is the function of the enable input in a Multiplexer? What is gate delay?

By using error detecting codes, errors generated in signal transmission can be detected. The removal of hazards requires the addition of redundant gates to the circuit. Sp ee d of operation is high Sp ee d of operation is low.

An essential hazard occurs due to unequal delays along two or more p aths that originate from the same input.

No visual identification of reduction process. Define state reduction algorithm. It consists of a group of flip-flops, which store the banj information. Th e features of VHDL are a.


What is meant by Map method? F igure of qusetion is defined as the product of speed and power. Explain or list out the advantages and disadvantages of K-map method? It may result in a transition to a wrong state. A VHDL, package is a file containing definitions of objects which can be used in other programs. Give the excitation table of a D flip-flop Q t.

Number of inputs b. Magnetic disc and ROM What is Magnitude Comparator? A Magnitude Comparator is a combinational circuit that compares two numbers, A and B and determines their relative magnitudes. Th e seven segment displays are used in a.


Th e advantages are, a. An entity is modeled using an entity declaration and at least one architecture body.

The grouping of stable states from separate rows into one common row is called merging. Codes are qusetion for data compression by which large amounts of data are transmitted in very short duration of time. In a shift register all the data are moved simultaneously and then the technique is called parallel shifting.

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What are the types of arrays in RAM? The stored information remains valid as long as the power is applied to the unit. What is code converter?