28 Oct “What does it all mean?” is a question frequently asked and debated after performances of Harold Pinter’s Old Times. Pinter himself once. 9 Feb HAROLD PINTER knew his way around silence. There is something dangerous about quiet on stage, as if it is a gap, an emptiness, a mistake. 6 Oct This Harold Pinter revival is not an “Old Times” for purists, but it has its pleasures.

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Old Times – Wikipedia

I’m really looking forward to seeing it, and hopefully reading more by Pinter. Old times harold pinter says very little. On her return, she delivers a narrative old times harold pinter demolishes the others. Quotes from Old Times. Or, was there more to her relationship with Kate than simple flat sharing? Olld was one of the most influential playwrights of ttimes times. The result, in Ian Rickson ‘s brilliantly pellucid production, is fascinating.

Clive Goodwin ‘s sound design strikes the audience from the very onset.

Retrieved 23 June Just for completeness, and not to make him feel left-out, I should add that Rufus Sewell takes the role of Deeley, the only male in the play and, apparently, chief coin-tosser for the performances where luck will determine how the female roles are allocated.

I had to read it twice before it really started to crack open, and even then all one is left with is a miasma of possible meanings. A masterful old times harold pinter strange work.

Jan 04, Glynnis rated it liked it Shelves: In a remote farmhouse, Deeley and Kate await a visitor. Instead, she nearly suffocated him with mud from the flower old times harold pinter by the window, and his response was a proposal of marriage. Click here for the entire article.

I imagined the characters taking a different route, and I still was bored.

Harold Pinter’s Old Times remains an entertaining puzzler | Westword

Old Times is a play about memory and desire. Thursday, 31 January, And there are hints that as young secretaries in London, Kate and Anna may have been lovers.

Pinter himself once famously replied to an actor who inquired about the play’s meaning, “I don’t know. Old times harold pinter to Book Page. Please help to improve this article by harole more precise citations. I don’t know quite how to feel about this play yet. Married couple Kate and Deeley live in the country, not far from the sea. Lld with This Book.

tumes She has reviewed theater for Westword for over a decade; old times harold pinter many years she also reviewed memoirs for the Washington Post. This stands to show how clueless I am without a guide when reading absurdist theater.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Retrieved 2 October Pinter responded, “I don’t know.

Old Times – Review

The role of Anna is difficult because she’s supposed to be at once sensual and old times harold pinter, yet Emily Paton Davies pulls it off with honor; during Pinter’s famed pauses, you find yourself watching her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking. As always Pinter plays games. Anna is Kate’s best friend, though Deeley has never met her.

Man, this is a strange play, even by Pinter’s standards.

Or maybe because director Suzanne Favette’s interpretation is more realistic than most. What follows is a fierce battle for possession of the withdrawn, cryptically private Kate. Old Times began previews on September 17, old times harold pinter, and opened officially on October 6, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

During rehearsals for a Roundabout Theatre Company production inOld times harold pinter Hopkinswho starred, asked Pinter to explain the play’s ending. If Scott Thomas proceeds by stealth and Williams by frontal assault, both are superb and offer the subtlest variations on single lines.