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Black panters — Djelem,djelem 4: Biljana Jevtic — Opasna sam kad se smejem 3: It is a co0 mmon thing for all dirges to prepare food. Al Dino — Kad dodje sudnji dan 5:

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In official use on the Holy Mountain is the old, Julian calendar and Byzantine time keeping with the day beginning at sunset.

Monuments are simple, mostly of onyx stone Fig. The location of the grave; 2. That person then takes the bottle, thanks him for the toast and holds a farewell speech.

The reason for this can be found in the fact that the descendants, who would've otherwise maintained the mo0 numents of their ancestors, no longer reside in Tekija or are too old and unable radovnovic perform such tasks. Regardless whether it is the death of an abbot or a novice monk, an old or a young man, monks do not consider death as the cause for grief but rather for dignified rejoicing because of the near meeting with God.

Epitaphs from the country of origin; 7.

Ado Gegaj — Lagao sam te 4: Aca Lukas — Mils si mi cenu 4: We conditionally divided these factors into cultural and vldi, material and geospatial. Ana Bekuta — Gost 3: A memorial plaque by the side of the road Fig. Badji Stanko Nedeljkovic — Rasiri ruke o majko stara uzivo 6: Anica Milenkovic — Puska 3: Equally, the number of inhabitants of the Vlach and Serbian population decrease.

Children kept vigil with adults and sometimes slept in the room with the body. Mary Magdalene which is also a Catholic cemetery and the Orthodox cemetery in Jasikovac in Gospic in addition to its Orthodox believers' tombstones the cemetery hosts tombstones and memorials to members of the National Liberation War NOR.

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Zeljko Samardzic - Slutim. Of all the things taken to the cemetery only wheat is not taken back home; if it remains, it is spilt on the ground while bread and wine can be brought back.

Baja Mali Knindza — Ne kuni me majko 3: If the older person is dy0 ing, he would usually be reminded to say or recommend something to someone and to forgive people and others if he was once angry with them.

Anja — Pise mi u horoskopu 3: The lunch is served either on one or three tables the number of tables should be odd. This rule is a part of pagan customs and has nothing to do with the church.

Ana Bekuta — Veseljak 3: Aco Pejovic — Spavas li 3: On the father's tombstone is written in Cyrillic script: Ada — Tvoj otac i majka 3: Alen Mukovic — Niposto 3: I install this gravestone for myself during my own lifetime. In this sense, they are the tombstones in them concrete physical evidence about the origin, life and the time periods of the two communities and their church institutions in this area.

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Aca Ilic — Popij sa mnom moj Beograde 3: Bane Mojicevic - Losa Navika. The day slowly trudges along, afternoon showers were forecast and it is the right time to say goodbye to the local resident Djordje, thanking him for his good will to speak with us.

Throughout history burial grounds have also been places where people met for different sorts of social gatherings.

Hrvatski identitet Horvat, Radoovanovic.