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SIMOCODE pro: Motor Management and Control Devices

Pump cleaning in the water industry. As a result, feeder-related parameter and address data are precisely assigned to the sieemens feeder. And take advantage of greater transparency, safety, and efficiency with cloud connection.

Current and voltage measuring modules. Attaching an addressing plug or memory module allows for the quick transmission of PROFIBUS addresses or even the complete parameter setting of your feeder.

With our earth-fault module — in addition to the earth-fault monitoring function eimocode into the basic unit — your external earth-fault monitoring will be even more precise using a summation current transformer. Advantages at a glance: With the withdrawable design frequently to be found in motor control centers, the initialization module is permanently integrated in the power distribution board.

This allows you to: Comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance alarms. Relevant data can even be accessed via a PC with standard web browser: Solutions that provide greater transparency of measured data, reliable residual current monitoring, more flexible applications, space requirements, and system redundancy are in high demand.

This allows you to:.

The ongoing development of devices with new measurement modules and connection to the cloud, simple engineering, and reliable utilization in a variety of areas in the process industries make Sikocode pro an incredibly powerful product family for maximum process quality. It provides comprehensive protective, monitoring, and control functions. SIMOCODE pro motor management devices can be directly linked to high-availability systems with two controllers, without the need for any further hardware.

OPC UA server function for open communication with visualization and control systems. Detailed status information on the motor, current measured values such as current and power, fault memory as well as service and statistical data can be transparently displayed via device-internal websites. The PCS 7 library contains standardized motor blocks and faceplates for controlling or operating and monitoring the motor. In parallel to the thermistor motor protection, you can easily integrate up to three analog temperature sensors e.

This allows for easier monitoring of bearing, gear oil and coolant temperature. This ensures seamless communication.

SIMOCODE pro redefines dry-run protection for pumps in hazardous areas Precise measurement is especially important in potentially explosive areas like those found in the chemical industry.

Reliable dry-run protection is essential to prevent centrifugal pumps from running dry. Operating, service and diagnostics data via standard web browser. Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations Detailed operational, service and diagnostic data — at any time or place Safe shutdown of motors Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations Versatile, open communication through a wide range of bus systems and protocols Integration into process control systems, such as SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant-wide access to control data, process values, and measured values without complex configuration Predictive maintenance, energy data management, and resource optimization.

Planning and Configuration with SIRIUS

In addition, the operator panel offers the possibility to read out the internal device fault memory. Detection of limit violations current, capacity. The operator panel is used to control the motor starter. Market requirements are increasing.

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Software - Industrial Controls - Siemens

Please use another Browser It looks like you are using a browser that is not fully supported. Pump dry-run monitoring to prevent the formation of ignitable mixtures ignition protection level 1 according to ATEX. We sumocode two device series that are functionally graded and harmonized with each other so that you can enjoy the full benefits of SIMOCODE pro in all areas of process industry.