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Marie returns to Muki's Kitchen, this time to be baked breasts up in our long oven. Little Red Roundbottom part 1 of 2 parts Megh not only played the role of the entree in this portfolio but also came up with the scene and drew the story boards a six-page comic that is included with this set. Do Blonds really taste better? Sarah Vandella comes to Muki's Kitchen and she's not at all pleased with the fate that awaits her! We agreed and the issue is now out:

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Quite a few years ago, we were contacted by Angela Lewis and interviewed for an article about our kinky little fetish. She seduces her, with hints of a passionate lesbian affair, all to make her more docile.

Granny Gets Fucked In Kitchen 6. Lilly, a plump and juicy Eastern European piggy, is a fine entree for a ham dinner. Images include our first spread-eagle suspension, stuffing, trussing, cooking and mitchen. By the time Kobe is slid into the oven, she is much too drunk and relaxed to even care While we have been pretty busy settling into our new home, we have also been busy in the studio!

In spite of all her physical and mental preparations, female wrestler Serena Blair loses her match and becomes the entree for the winner's family and friends. As always, details for the current set can be see on our Pic-of-the-Week page and here. Portfolio"Rustic Oven Rump Roast! In other news old now but we're officially announcing it here, for the record we have finally added another "Past Portfolio of the Moment" slot to our Portfolios page. Both parts of this delicious holiday story are now up and ready to enjoy!

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It is sometimes said that any publicity is good publicity but lately we aren't so sure about that! All of the images in Muki's Kitchen are protected by exclusive copyright. A new portfolio will appear in this slot about a week later. Muki's Kitchen first went online on September 27 kitchhen and, despite some early setbacks, we have actually managed to stay afloat kitcyen eight full years. Dee roasted up nicely and was delicious!


And before our little semi-annual, quasi-rant gets totally out of hand, there's one more very important thing kitcehn need to say: Lena Ramone in "Vertical Spit-Roast! Darcie looks pretty deliciuos herself! We will keep tabs in it ourselves and might comment on some of the comments.

For our latest set, we have cannibal-girl Sybil pot-stewing the delectable Gabriella Banks. In concocting her magic potion, she searches for the perfect missing ingredient and comes to the baffling conclusion that it is herself! Until next time, enjoy ktichen play safe!


Sexy Asian-sensation, Nautica Thorn, starts out in a smart-looking business suit and ends up nude and grilled on a cedar plank, perfectly seasoned and garnished with orange slices. The post-fire cleanup is finally moving along.

Just give it time if it's new. This set contains 43 color photos.

Ondine introduces Zille to the unique "pleasures" of an all-new spitting machine. Codi is then served with a banana garnish As hinted in kltchen previous update, we have been granting a few selective interviews: Ivy was an agency girl and asked to pose for us a first -- for an agency model! We did dwell on these steps Some time ago, San Fransisco model Serena Blair contacted us about posing.

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When the meat is completely roasted, Kobe removes the thermometer and replaces it with a banana garnish, as a finishing touch before serving. Throw another Aussie on the barbie! We met Violet on a trip up the coast and thought she would make a great meal.