Tgs tutor 5000

Functions available for control in case of using hands-on panels are identical to the functions of units simulated on the screen. To measure bearings and ranges between two objects, use the following procedure: Release the left mouse button.

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When the sound beats are heard from the speakers, the block length should be increased.


Starting the Program The program is started by using one of the following methods: You can display any of the units on the screen not only by pressing relevant buttons but also by positioning the marker on the required unit on the presentation of the radio console or the navigation bridge, and pressing the tutorr mouse button.

Enter the next ship parameters: When a turning handle is required to be turned e.

The program imitates the propagation of radio waves, so the distance and time of the day have to be taken into account in the selection of communication frequencies for a particular radio station.

To measure bearings and ranges between two objects, use the following procedure: The program will show, in the automatic mode, the procedure of completing the selected ts.

Mark gts required scenario to run. Use the mouse to drag this window to the suitable place on the screen and start fulfilling the task.

Switching between primary and duplicate battery; Display of the accumulator voltage; Display of the charging and discharging current; Visual and acoustic alarm in case of voltage drop below a permissible limit for both main power supply and battery ; Muting of the alarm sound; Test check of the panel. Open the required book, select the required section topic with the cursor, and its tuyor will be presented in the right-hand field of the window.

By using the command for the automatic connection with telex subscribers 00you can establish communication with telex subscribers from the list provided in Annex 3.

List of stations; Test check of the station; Printing out of messages; Programming of the EGC receiver and reception of EGC messages; Log of transmitted and received messages and EGC messages; Viewing of the own identifier; Sending of position reports; Setting of the main options in accordance with the description of the unit.

In the top right corner tktor the Main Menu there is a window displaying the following parameters: Antenna RPM — number of the radar antenna revolutions per minute rpm. Release the left mouse button. Use the mouse to drag this window to a suitable place on the screen and start the examination. After the exit from the simulator program, the power switch of the console itself should be placed in OFF position.

All the printed out messages are stored by the simulated printer until the exit from the program.

GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000

An exercise for the examination is selected by the program randomly out of all the previously prepared exercises. The standard mouse cursor shape during the work with HELP system is a slanted arrow pointing upwards.

The chart will be shifted so that this point becomes the centre of the display. To do this, position the cursor in the top or bottom part of the handle depending on the direction of scrollingpress the left mouse button and keep it depressed.

In addition, the trainees can check their knowledge in the test or examination mode. These statistics include the following information distributed among the columns: Press the left mouse button and, without releasing tutod, move the cursor to the second object.

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Position the cursor on the object which the range and bearing will be measured from. The list can be supplemented with the following coast radio stations operating in ARQ mode: If the unit which generated this kind of alarm is not currently displayed on the screen, the right bottom corner of the screen starts displaying Switch to field with a flashing yellow coloured button showing the name of the unit.

The introduction of Step by Step mode has been caused by the fact that the time required for reading comments on each step, may vary considerably with different trainees. Functions available for control in case of using hands-on panels are identical tgx the functions of units simulated on the screen.

Please use radar range 24 nm. In the right-hand part of the screen there are three groups of icons for the control of the electronic chart Scale, Tools and Object: Press this button again to return the window with the task on the screen.

The drawing below shows the procedure of measuring the range and bearing.