Om poornamadah poornamidam

Creation , Gods in Hinduism , Hinduism - general issues , Ramayana. Of the 10 avatars of Vishnu, those of Rama and Krishna are said to be Perfect. May I submit my pranamam to the respected exponent.

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But after sometime, that food comes out of the body as excreta. There is another question connected to this verse, if Poornam is translated as Perfection.

Sagaram can compared to Sagaram only. When light is not seen, then it is darkness! If He is perfect, are the worlds also perfect? In explaining the concept of Infinity in Bheeja ganithathe mathematician - astrologer, Bhaskara IIhandles this PoorNam nature of Brahman as an example for Infinity. When perfection is not perceived, imperfection is seen.

May I submit my pranamam to the respected exponent. And Poornam does not undergo any change! But from where this undesirable component arise is the question.

This is best understood by comparing this analogy to akashathe ether. But here we have to note is 'where is the Lord fleeing???

CreationGods in HinduismHinduism - general issuesRamayana.

You add or deduct any amount from it, it does not change. Example for Stthoolam is Sagaram. From Brahman, we get Brahman, add Brahman and deduct Brahman. We ate only that was good in all respects.

This poornam verse is the way to answer one of the doubts on avataras. poornzmidam

Jayasree Saranathan: ‘Poornamadah Poornamidam’ – the message of the Perfect!

This single question took me to vedanata and advaita and Im so blessed to see your site. The logical extension of this explanation on PoorNam is that the idol or any form that is worshiped as Him will have Himself personified as Poornam in them That means, as azhwars and nayanmaaras have said, He can be experienced as Infinite or PoorNam in our hearts if we choose to see Him that way.

Obviously it is the energy that generates life, ordinates life and when less or no energy destroys life death. What is added is poornam. What remains in Brahman and what is taken out is Brahman. But Perfection can exist without Imperfection.

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam - In sanskrit with meaning

The PoorNam in the Vaikuntham and the Poornam as Rama on the earth do not make one of them get deducted from the other! There was no imperfection in it like the delicious food we take. It is Shuddha sattwa.

If so, then it is not recent western scientists who developed laws of energy, but our ancestors who have put them together Long before, and hats off to poornzmidam ancestory Any addition or deduction to it is infinite and what remains is infinite. This is said in a verse in Taittriya Upanishad which says that Brahman is perceived even in the excreta!

Bhagavatham says, Krishna has started fleeing when kaalayavana, a demon king attacked him. One may wonder - can we deduct or add akasha?

The Pushpa Blog: Meaning of shanthi mantra - Poornamadah Poornamidam

When one gets this Knowledge, he is a Brahma gyanaifit for attaining Moksha — Liberation! As you said both good and bad, perfection and imperfection are all the Bramham only. So there can not be anything imperfect with perfection.