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Let's say I have a backup of my primary volume in an external hard drive and my then my main computer dies. This is a corporate solution aimed at bigger companies. If you did lose it, only the best-resourced spooks and villains could read your files. Cryptainer SE protects your data by creating multiple encrypted vaults for all your files and folders. Fast Encryption Cryptainer Encryption is fast!

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With Cryptainer ME you can hide the very existence of your confidential files and folders.

That is not what I would like. Create new account Request new password. The recipient need not have Cryptainer ME installed to decrypt the files, all that is required is the password. To make them appear, click the Load button, and they're crypttainer after you type in a password.

Restoring a Cryptainer drive if hard disk or computer fails?

The software is also useful for those who use small USB flash drives to carry around data. You will barely notice the difference in speed as compared to a regular "Copy Paste" function.

It offers all of the functionality of Cryptainer, but it also has some extra features designed for network administrators, such as a password recovery feature. No Format limitations Cryptainer encrypts every kind of file format, whether it is textual, tabular, graphical, organized in a database, audio or video.

That is where you will find your answer so be sure to read it completely, including You need to back up file named "my data" on the desktop. The Cryptainer SE based solution has the following primary security features: No Format Limitations Cryptainer ME encrypts every kind of file format, whether it is textual, tabular, graphical, organized in a database, audio or video.

Cryptainer SE Enterprise Encryption Software - Federal Security Solutions

An Established and Trusted Solution Cypherix has been in operation sinceand Cryptainer is more than cryptainee years old. It will work on any version of Windows from Windows 95 through to the bit version of Windows 10, and it is fast and stable. I checked the help file of Cryptainer, but I couldn't find information about restoring the Cryptainer drive if my hard drive or computer fails.

Cryptainer ME's high-security "On the Fly" disk encryption technology ensures that your data is safe at all times even when you are surfing the net. Instant electronic delivery Buy Now. Cryptainer ME is fast!

The crypyainer is also useful for those who use small USB flash drives to carry around data. This allows for the flexibility to store and port data on removable media like Zip disks, tape drives, etc. Compare Similar Products Want to make sure this is the right product for you? There are other encryption tools out there, but where Cypherix differentiates itself is in ease of use. Cryptainer ME - bit Strong Encryption Software Creates an encrypted vault for all data bit strong encryption Easy to use, Impossible to break Works on all bit as well as bit versions of Windows.

The Cryptainer Administrative Module provides corporate users with single point control and monitoring of the distributed security system without introducing any of the weaknesses inherent in the underlying operating mf.

Cryptainer LE is a free and fully functional version of the Cryptainer product that has just one limitation. Cryptainer Encryption is fast! When you start Cryptainer ME, the virtual drive will appear as a drive like E: My guess is you found this thread via a Google search.

Cryptainer Helpfiles

All data is encrypted at an astonishing speed, in spite of the high bit-strength. Cypherix offers products for everything from home users to bigger companies. Keep your sensitive data private with this free app.

Because it is so easy to deploy and use, and because the software is now so stable, it has a very low total cost of ownership. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

Encrypting Any Data on Any Windows System with Cryptainer Encryption Software

The Cryptainer Crhptainer based solution has the following primary security features:. I'm tending to doubt you'll get a response from the original poster, at this point in time. Once unloaded, with a single click, your data gets encrypted.

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