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Both depict stories taken from the Mahabharata. Among the musicologists and the composers of Kerala, Thampi gains a high place perhaps next to Sri Swathi Thirunal Maharaja because of his brilliant writings. The visual effect and the melodious quality of the three Attakathas is well acknowledged by the actors and the Sahridyas. Not only as a composer of songs but also as an Attakatha writer he has established his reputation on strong basis. Malayala kirtanas 1 Neelavarna pahimam surutti - chempata 2 Pahimamgirithanaye saveri - chempata 3 Karunacheyvan enthuthamasam saveri - chempata 4 Adimalarinnathanne Mukhari - chempata Varnam 1 Amba Gouri Arabhi - Atanta 2 Manasi parithapam dussaham ayyo Sankarabharanam - chempata Padam 1 Aroducholvan Azhalullathellam indisa - Jhampa 2 Kamaladikalam Narumalarellam Kamodari - chempata 3 Enthujnanihacheyvu Neelambari - chempata 4 Prananathanenikkunalkiya Kamodari - chempata All such songs prove the grace verbal felicity and exquisite artistry reflected in the compositions of Thampi.

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