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However, in some scenes where there is in need to portray Bhutan, production were made using green screen technology. Jao decided not to hide the truth and tells the king about their true heritage and pleaded the king for mercy. However, Gino stood firm with his decision and leaves Mikay, although it's against his will as he still loves her so much. Mikay returned to Yangdon.

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Gino soon comes to her aid, and Salve scolds Jao for not doing anything and allowing the people who cared for him treat her with such cruelty. They start to make her life miserable, and in an effort to help her, Gino tells them that Mikay is his girlfriend which angers Mikay as she thinks it will only make them hate her more.

Meanwhile, Mikay tunayy was suspicious about Gino decides to follow him.

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He tells her that he would like to stay in America with her and their snrique. One of them is Lara Akiko Solona Santol girl who has a crush on him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But at the same time, Jao, left with no choice, decides to help them with their project. Retrieved 2 April As a child, she was brought to the Philippines after Ashi Behati Gretchen Barrettoa royal and a high ranking influential official who desires to rule Yangdon with her son named Prince Jao Enrique Gil tries to kill her and her mother.

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The next day, Mikay tries to talk to Gino. The soldiers didn't find anything, but unbeknownst to Behati who thought she was safe because she buried the medallion, Mikay leads Jao to forest where Behati buried it and Jao eventually found out the truth about his true heritage tunsy becomes terrified.

Yangdon is then turned to chaos by Behati. Both imagine the wedding that was supposed to be gli as they profess how liagya would still love each other although they would soon have to be apart. Unbeknownst to Gino, Jao, who still has a grudge against the West including Mikay and Gino, sees him and gets mad. When she wakes up, he only stares at her, without a single emotion on his face.

Thinking Mikay still really loves Jao, Gino keeps pushing Mikay away as he stays away the two. Mikay and her family escaped the burning house but are left without a home.

Winning a trip to Yangdon, Mikay meets Jao, a Yangdonese royalty and crown prince, and the two of them become close as he tours her around without knowing that she is the missing princess. Philippine drama television series ABS-CBN drama series Philippine television series debuts Philippine television series endings Television series by Star Creatives Philippine romantic comedy television series Bhutan in fiction.

Gino walks away from Mikay as Jao, being heartbroken as well calls Shivaji and tells him what location they are at. It is the time of the Royal Engagement and everyone was rejoicing, believing that Yangdon would have a good future with Dasho Jao and Princess Areeyah as the next heirs to the throne.

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Meanwhile, Gino decided to enter too. And he returns always late at night.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Mikay sees Jao and watches him from a distance and walk away.

She grew up in what has been described as a "very loving family," fully aware of her tunwy status. But Mikay's sisters, Bianca and Dindi, are worried that Mikay might hurt Gino again, for they can really see the boy's efforts to get to Mikay. With this, he happily tells Mikay all about it and they decide to make an outreach program for them without using the money which belonged to Yangdon since those people were from the East.

His parents used to work as flight attendants for Philippine Airlines. While tuany to the royal life, Jao joins Mikay to support her. Mikay accepts Jao's proposal in return for Gino and her father's welfare and also for the East and West Kingdoms til be able to finally get together.

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Mikay tries to contact Gino over the phone in the hopes that he still hasn't left. But Jao is not convinced, and swears to them that he will bring them down, not knowing that it was his own mother who he still believes is deadwho really had the kids out of the tournament. Bernardo said it has helped her character that she looks like the princess of Bhutanand that it would help the viewers appreciate the show more.

Mikay also met an old man who was known as Amang and helps them. Meanwhile, Gino and Mikay try to build a new outreach program, considering they couldn't go into Santol anymore, but they couldn't think of a way.