9 Nov What is Gujral Doctrine? Former Prime Minister, Late Mr. I.K. Gujral propounded the Gujral Doctrine when he was the Union Minister of External. The Gujral Doctrine: This doctrine is expression of the foreign policy initiated by Inder Kumar Gujral, the Foreign Minister in Deve Gowda Government which. Other articles where Gujral doctrine is discussed: Inder Kumar Gujral: who is remembered for the Gujral Doctrine, a policy grounded on India’s unilaterally.

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In too, it gujral doctrine seen that the diverse economic relations continued. The latter too welcomed the doctrine and had a positive attitude towards the principles it spelt out. Four specific events clearly point towards this understanding: Today India has succeeded in declaring herself as a nuclear power nation. gujral doctrine

However, even this principle is not new because gyjral have many occasions when Gujral doctrine has acknowledged that it will have to give more to its neighbours and has done so.

India categorically stated that this act of Gujral doctrine constituted an interference in the internal affairs of India.

Gujral doctrine for Modi darbar – The Hindu

Retrieved 7 June The economic aspect of the relations with the neighbours, as has been seen, was already in focus. We will stand and fall together. Yadav then offered Gujral support to run gujral doctrine any Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar to get his support. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat The above discussion gujral doctrine brings out the continuity that has existed in the Indian foreign policy gujral doctrine the Nineties, thereby, inaugurating a period in which relations with gujral doctrine neighbours have seen a positive trend.

They did so by using the phrase “recent developments”. The emphasis on expanding economic and industrial cooperation was highlighted by the fact that Prime Minister Koirala was accompanied by a delegation of Gujral doctrine industrialists and businessmen besides ministers and senior officials.

Gujral, as foreign minister, had stated while negotiations were taking place with Bangladesh towards finalisation of the Ganges water treaty that it was not in any way linked to Bangladesh giving transit through its territory to India to access the north-eastern parts of gujral doctrine latter.

Following a series of attacks attributed by the Gujral doctrine media and government to gujral doctrine from and planned in Pakistan throughout the s, culminating with the Mumbai attacksthe Gujral Doctrine was criticised by the Indian media.

InPresident Kumaratunga visited India and as a result, the friendly ties between the two countries were further cemented.

The meetings of the Sub-Commissions on Science and Technology, and on social, educational and cultural matters were held in Gujral doctrine. Archived from the original on 29 November gujral doctrine According to Gujralthese five principles, scrupulously adhered to, would achieve a fundamental recasting of South Asia’s regional relationships, including the difficult relationship between India and Pakistan.

Gujral Doctrine Notes

Gujral himself later became Prime Minister. But it gujral doctrine be wrong to say that Gujral doctrine is a failure because all Prime Ministers of India post Gujral government had followed the “Gujral doctrine” without gujral doctrine the name of this doctrine.

His late niece, Medha, was director Shekhar Kapur ‘s first wife and later popular gujral doctrine singer Anup Jalota ‘s third wife.

However, the disturbing element was the continued attempts at internationalising the issue of river waters: Thus, there was already a positive base on which the Gujral Doctrine could build itself in the absence of which the doctrine would not have been relevant and effective. Minister for New gujral doctrine Renewable Energy Dr. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links CS1: I K Gujral in While one country may call it interference, the other gujral doctrine not think so.

Gujral became prime minister as the consensus gujral doctrine between others that included Lalu Prasad YadavMulayam Singh Yadav ; [22] his government was supported by the INC from outside.

Gujral Doctrine – General Knowledge Today

The Government of India declared a seven-day period of state mourning dctrine cancelled official functions until 6 December. They could have, because the issue of nuclear tests was not a bilateral one, gujra, to the two countries, India and Pakistan, and thus the SAARC Charter would not have been violated.

Archived from the original on 3 December The Gujral doctrine prime minister visited Nepal from February gujral doctrine to 15,which was the first gujral doctrine visit in 14 years and Prime Minister Chandreshekhar’s first bilateral visit abroad. Gujral doctrine stated that it remained committed to devising, “an equitable, long-term and comprehensive arrangement” on water sharing with Bangladesh through bilateral discussions.

Various possibilities of widening bilateral economic cooperation were also considered. The internationalising of the ghjral issue of river waters at the UN General Assembly with references to the Farakka Barrage and related issues was noted with regret.

Indian National Congress Before Second, to briefly look gujral doctrine the manner in which the BJP-led coalition government has conducted the foreign policy with its neighbours with reference to the principles of the Gujral Doctrine. But it should not be forgotten that the gujrl of the doctrine gujral doctrine on the attitudes of the neighbours too, towards India and the region. Gujral doctrine snap election was held in February—March It was also agreed to accord parity to Nepalese products in the levy of countervailing duty, which would be equal to the treatment provided to Indian products, on the basis of a certificate issued by the Government of Nepal.

We, therefore, see that under the Vajpayee government too there was gjural continuation of these policies without per se gujral doctrine so. Vajpayee’s bus journey clearly shows that Docgrine is ready to go that extra mile to establish good relations with its neighbours. The couple also have two granddaughters and a grandson.