Who forces you to use new stuff Nobody If you want to have new stuff and better tools. This could be a bug in strtol, or it could be some pathological interaction between the CRT and the service call mechanism maybe it sets some global error condition , or it could be a bug somewhere else in your code that somehow becomes symptomatic only when strtol is called e. I have tried code in mainform: I know these are identical because I copied the entire project from one solution and pasted in another and that added that pasted project to the solution. We always stepped onto the next compiler when it was out of beta.

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Message Edited by wgrimes cea-az. I feel that my old VS 6 is getting old.

mfclib - Visual C++ - Windows Tech

My project which was building fine yesterdaysuddenly complains it cannot link to MFC So one cannot recompile older software projects Internet may also be a good mfc42.libb to have, I believe Malakai found a file from that. When i scroll on the towards, all child windows scrolls and hides up. Post as a guest Name.

Thx, Wes Message Edited by wgrimes cea-az. It has a MFC 8.

Have you rebuilt all your C objects? Have you noticed that many functions, including standard C calls like sprintf are now deprecated That's broken. This is a C app, that I am creating.

Can not find mfc42.lib

The paths on my site have been updated to include these new finds. Posted Apr Mon 26th 9: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Width void const "?

The tutorials I've read seem to solve this problem by simply declaring all variables at global scope I want the insecure version.

Actually it is really a bad solution, to link system provided libs, like mfc libs. This is a security reason. I add that library to my project.

H and so on mfc42.ilb actualy work right from the get go rather than hours of fiddling to compile a 15 line bit of code that just happens to include windows. I can find no setting for it, and cannot even find a pragma comment.

Discussion about official Mozilla Firefox builds. Perhaps you can help me.

My two child forms are managed. The code don't break! Why can I only build successfully if I put "void" in front of the main and inside the mf4c2.lib I see in tutorials that people can build without the "void"s.

Thanks so much for your help and quick reply!

LNK cannot open file 'mfclib'_

Hi, Any help would be aprreciated. For the current error, I tried to rebuild the native LIB and got a bunch of warnings like warning C Skip to main content. I know that troubleshooting my program will then be very difficult.

LIB that has been given to you? Again, this Error is reported only when running from the command prompt, not from within IDE.