Cpcsea guidelines ppt

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. The chorioallantoic membrane is evaluated for its response to the test substance, and the embryo is discarded. To enhance animal well being and quality.

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Daer Achin, Please send ppt on pankaj. Go to Application Have a question? Personal hygiene Showers, changing rooms, footwares.

With animals we can control their environment temperature, humidity, etc. Area for repairing cages and equipment. Cilia protozoa respond to smoke or phenols as do the cilia in the human bronchial tube. To improve laboratory animal facility To enhance biological knowledge that is relevant to guideelines and animals.

Published by Chester Wade Modified over 3 years ago. Guidelined Animals should be fed palatable, non contaminated,and nutritionally adequate food Feeders should allow easy access to food Food should be available in amounts sufficient to ensure normal growth in immature animals Laboratory animal diets should not be manufactured or stored in facilities used for farm feeds or any product containing additives P recaution should be taken if perishable items are fed Diet should be free from heavy metals,toxins WATER: Death record Records of experiments on animals.

Cages and water bottles can be disinfected by rinsing at a temperature of C or by chemical agents such as hypochlorite to destroy pathogenic microbes. Animal husbandry Adequate space, maintenance of body temp ,urination, defecation and reproduction.


Local or general anaesthetics may be used. Change the bedding twice a week.

Pest control Pest control programmes. Minimizes the huidelines for introduction of pathogens into an established colony. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites.

Located as far away from human habitations as possible.

GUIDELINES: Committee for the Purpose of Control And Supervision of Experiments on Animals

Devices should be suitable in size design for the animal being held and operated properly to minimize stress and avoid injury to the human. WATER Animals should have continous access to fresh,potableuncontaminated gujdelines water Watering devices should be examined routinely to ensure their proper operation Periodic monitoring of microbial contamination in water is necessary.

Less restrictive systems should be used. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Emergency weekend and holiday care Everyday care is essential Personnel and training Animal facility staff is critical component in the management. Chemical industry institute of toxicology. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. To make rules in relation to the conduct of experiments on animals. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Multiple surgical procedures on single animal No animal should be used for experimentation for more than 3 years unless adequate justification is provided. You do not have the permission to view this vuidelines. Presentation Description No description available. Animal is required to sacrificed on termination of an experiment or otherwise for ethical reasons, death without causing anxiety, pain with minimum time lag phase. What is an animal facility?


In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. To prohibit a person or an institute from carrying out experiments on animals.

Use pre-anaesthetics were ever applicable. Autoclave or gas sterilizers can be used. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites.