Thandiswa mazwai thongo lam

I agree with Ngqesta about Lira's second album.. Blogs Television Music on TV: Ndiyahamba - Thandiswa Mazwai Belede. Not that she isn't rude or unapproachable but that people aren't buying her music because of her attitude.

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Thongo Lam

Cha uyithandile mjj le CD. Its a good album but it is not better than Zabalaza. Khomo hasalso created themes for the popular soapie "GenRubbish" and Take 5.

Ingoma is the best track ever done by Thandiswa as a solo artist, I cannot get enough of it, it is number 1 on the metrofm charts, its also on Kayafm charts and Umhlobo wenene charts! That 'bantu abazinkawu' line in the also disturbed me at first, maara i was sitting there wondering if there is a better xhosa word and i did nt know it Track 2 — Ibokwe Goat — title track — This is a song about resolve, determination to react.

Segololo 16 Feb If u buy Thandiswa's album, u stand a chance to tour Germany with her I donk know about you Belz but mina i just received the cd from the one and only MJJ.

Thandiswa Mazwai - Thongo Lam (Iyeza): Скачать mp3 файл в хорошем качестве =

How many items has Naomi thrown at her assistants? I also heard her sister Mqzwai single. Thanks MJJ for such a wonderful article.

I just love this woman 9cant say the same thing bout her sister. Ndawo Yami just sprang to mind LOL!!

Abt chef lady, maybe she should have started with a food newsletter before a mag editorship. I also love chom'emdaka.

Thandiswa Mazwai like you've never heard b4

He continues to play with the world-renowned band Stimela. Ndiyahamba - Thandiswa Mazwai Belede.

Kapakapa the guy sells in our company, he works here so i don't know how u would get them. I've only heard Sunday World journalists saying she was rude I've had a pleasure of visiting their studio as they were recording this album and I must say, she is a true african child.

Thandiswa Mazwai - Thongo Lam (Iyeza)

Edit My Account Settings. Behind Tnongo Scenes - Ntombe Thongo. I love this woman,my best friend promised to buy me this cd ka Dec and to date she tells me gore sshe cant get it ko di music bar. Anyway, mina I was never really a Thandiswa fan, but after reading this, I might just go get the illusive copy of the cd.

Nazwai in awe of her I refuse to buy a magazine edited by a chef Wena Cande I'm not your Musica store Courtesy of African Cream Music: Ngqesta, she put it very well and so did you! Well done to her on her new album, but why only 9 tracks??

This woman has been in the FOOD business for donkey years Ngqesta 16 Feb Sisipho Zotwana - Ntyilo ntyilo Thandiswa Mazwai. I wonder if Thandiswa would agree for an interview with me