Additionally, the simulation of an algorithm allows visualize it behavior, make changes to its structure and improve its performance before testing with physical and costly devices. The parameters to be considered for this decision are: So, Mobile and four evaluations are executed with a dwell we only measured the evaluation and decision process. Traffic packet loss rate, use the following expression, where m generators used are stcp and rtcp, but these were copied to corresponds to the network and n is the parameter: The algorithm uses the concept of dwell timer to perform several evaluations on a network to determine if the network conditions are stable, and so avoid running unnecessary network changes that are caused by momentary changes in the networks.

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In some cases the handover [6], [7]. Some algorithms use a mechanism such as Power consumption of interfaces is given by an dwell timer to ensure network stability.

The algorithm is included in the tool using three scripts written in PERL and modifying some traffic generators available in the tool. VHA based on load balancing and power handovers that the algorithm avoids. The numeric measurements for these two information need for the process is gathered, the decision is values depend on mobility speed being developed by the taken and if the node has to change the network simulation, and the received power threshold given by the connection, the VHO is executed; else, data gathering is actual access point or base station.

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NCTUns 6.0: A Simulator for Advanced Wireless Vehicular Network Research

Click here to sign up. Nevertheless the investigations always using NCTUns APIs that allow to establish direct have been oriented to improve performance of algorithms, communication with simulation engine in real time, achieving a decrease of delay, processing and unnecessary allowing that the user can get simulation variables across vertical handover.

If the network does not maintain of the algorithms shows that make a good choice of its good condition, the handover does not executed and the network connection can take several seconds, depending on algorithm evaluates the available networks while the node the complexity of the evaluation process.

If the objective of the algorithm is oriented to put savings in battery consumption, it is sufficient to minimize the array generated by 5which we define as lt X.

The design and implementation of the NCTUns network simulation engine

Next, it calculates the distance between the node current position and the static access point AP and base stations BSs positions.

If the parameter we simulate the algorithm with and without the dwell timer is not used, the handover delay of less than 1 dwell timer and count the handovers in each case. Also, the car handover performance. ncyuns

Log In Sign Up. In simulation a component by vertical handover. Topics Discussed in This Paper.

Weights for parameters are between 0 and 1; the user assigns the highest value to the parameter considered determinant in the network selection process.

With this, calculates received power and the available bandwidth for each wireless interface.

NCTUns installation

Also there is other useful way, around the world. Milestones Contact Partners Directions.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Kung Computer Networks The third one organizes the nodes technologies at present and we can simulate the wireless connections to balance the load on connection points, technology change.

Each evaluation generates normalized factors; after all evaluations average normalized factors are estimated and the handover decision is taken. Results obtained of the simulations can be analyzed individually or nctubs an evaluation model to process and compare the algorithms performance, based jctuns mathematical and statistics functions. VHA Based on Load Balancing and Power Consumption The proposed algorithm in [13] is mainly focused on If the objective of the algorithm is oriented to reduce decisions to connect to different nodes to the network, battery consumption and load balancing is necessary, the seeking low battery consumption, load balancing between expression is shown in 8: For the network parameters that offer better performance when its value is greater, such as bandwidth, use the following expression, m corresponds to the network and n is the parameter: This paper has 56 citations.

Then, the developed components measurement.

These results are calculated with the complexity. Handover delay for the three algorithms. Simulation of vertical handover algorithms with NCTUns. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.