Jumo imago 500 software

Configuration of the controller function for 3-stat Search Search term Search. Setpoint Input 5 Operation 5. Page 88 11 Index self-optimization 48 Module Sampling time 71 identification 79 Screen operating loop 20 retrofitting 79 Screen saving 67 Selectors 37 Self-optimization 48 Sensor temperature 66 OFF time 57 Setpoint ON time 57 alteration 25 Operating level 21 external 47 Operation, overview of 19 Setpoint input 23 Optimization

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Startup program - Operation advice - Example: JUMO IMAGO

The instrument with all Configuration the available controller channels can be operated as fixed-setpoint controller, Analog inputs program controller or program generator. Display 7 Configuration 7. Appendix 10 Appendix Accessories 2 Identifying the instrument version 2.

Go to category Find a local specialist. Effizienzsteigerung durch sichere Nutzung der Se The electrical connection is made at the back with pluggable screw terminals.

Program run canceled; instrument switches to basic status. Safety notes Only qualified personnel are permitted to retrofit modules. Page 80 9 Retrofitting of modules h Pull off the pluggable connector Removing the back panel from h Loosen screws do not remove 1 and 2! If the upper or lower limit is infringed, a tolerance band signal is generated, which is internally processed or produced via an output. Time PCh1 Segment time for program channel 1 in seconds Seg.

JUMO IMAGO – Multichannel Process Controller and Program Controller ()

External setpoint The external setpoint is defined via an analog signal. Fitting 3 Mounting 3. This site uses cookies. Enter text from picture: Anwendung der Mathematik- und Logikfunktion in J For safety reasons, care must be taken that the back panel and the fixing screws are correctly reassembled and mounted after the woftware.

A maximum of 8 analog inputs and 6 binary inputs as well as 6 slots for switching outputs or analog outputs are available 4 of them can be used as either analog inputs or outputs. Start at a specified date and time 2. Programs are created by programming setpoints and segment times, segment by segment.

Page 74 7 Configuration Momentary values Graphical representation Scaling of the of up to four analog signals of the analog signals analog signals switchable. Manual Mode 5 Operation 5.

Keep these operating manual in a place which is accessible to all users at all times. Controller Generator C-level control is an extra. Controller Generator Limit comparators Process controller softwsre the meat processing industry 92 pages. With 2 user configurable screen masks the user can place text, process values, background images, and icons as they see fit.

Seminars and webinars on the product. Please enter your city or post code in the search box to mark your location on the map and to search for a dealer in your area. C-level Control 7 Configuration 7.

JUMO IMAGO 500 – Multichannel Process Controller and Program Controller (703590)

Depending on the controller type, the following controller parameters can be defined: Overview Of Operation 5 Operation 5. Program Editor 5 Operation 5. Page 81 9 Retrofitting of modules h Remove dummy module or existing module by using a screwdriver, for Retrofitting of modules example h Push module into the vacant slot until the pluggable connector snaps into place h Hook the back panel into the slots provided on the top edge and close it.