Fascinating womanhood helen andelin

Paul says a woman submits because she does not fear men, she fears God. Instead, it appeals to those women who long to wield dominion over their husbands rather than truly partner with them. Jan 21, Arwa Basha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Although the book was published in the early s when second wave feminism became part of the American mainstream, Fascinating Womanhood ' s traditional explication of happy marriage resonated in the minds and hearts of millions of women. I picked up the book to see if it was as fake and manipulative as it sounded; it was.

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Though I have no problem with women dressing to impress men, it should bring them pleasure also. In her book, Andelin advocated for strict adherence womanhod conservative gender roles: There's also a book she wrote called "Fascinating Girl" which is directed towards young single women, whereas this one is really for married women.

There is so much to criticize that I could write a novel. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

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Quotes from Fascinating Woman God bless the woman who allowed God to use her to write this spiritual book. To pretend that I cannot grasp concepts or perform tasks in order to make him feel needed drives him crazy - I know, because I have tried this. However, this book should be read through the lens of the jelen you are with. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

What would happen if I and every other mother that worked in the hospital quit? Get updates Get updates. This would be great as an advice book about years ago, but now, it is ridiculous, and dated compared with the way we live fascinatijg lives now. I kept trying to keep that open mind, but the more it spoke about giving all the "power" in the marriage to your husband and letting him rule over you, the more I got my back up.

It's such a different take on being a wife, one I have never heard but is very interesting. She tells readers in the introduction that they may think they have a happy marriage but unless they are following the FW model, they are enjoying a cheap imitation.

What an unbelievable baby!!! It gives numerous examples of husbands who did things that a woman shouldn't put up with, but they just started applying the principles of FW and now everything is bliss. I didn't mind too much, but if you are an avowed Atheist it may be a bit much to get through.

Get to Know Us. I am only partway through but so far it's amazing. At first it seems like FW is very well thought out and organized. Those who like to sit in womanhoox shops, their mouths agog.

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Aug 25, Jacki rated it did not like it. I also detested many of the testimonials that are given throughout the book.

Its very design pulls adherents away from the teachings of Christ and into the realm of game-playing, manipulation, and deceit. And dont tell me that he manipilated his wife to come back to him, no he won her love and appriciation, this book teaches you the same thing. Please dont take the book the wrong way- we all try to control our husbands, andelon listen better and wanna do more for you when you act feminine and in need of a hero, than if you pit your foot down and argue with him.

They are the ones who are really sexist against men. She also assumes that a man could never value and wo,anhood a wife that can stand on her own two feet and pull her own weight in the marriage.


If you have seen The Fireproof movie- this book is like that. I waited until after Book Group discussion to write a review, to see if I was enlightened about the book. Apr 21, Karina rated it did not like it. How can you have a healthy relationship based on love and trust if you're stuck married to a man who won't help you with the children, who is encouraged to be selfish and worse of all these folks think that all men are like this.

Paperbackpages. I picked up the book to see if it was as fake and manipulative as it sounded; it was.