Eddie palmieri vamonos pal monte

Joe flipping through the merchandise that finger and thumb movement dominated world by DJ scavenging among the drawers. During the last ten years Joe has constantly been playing music all over the world, remixing, producing and diversifying into other genres of art world. The session looks like a family event, which is apparently the case wherever he goes Joe even if it is alone with three strangers following him wherever he goes. Jose lays down some spirited syncopation, grunting and humming while he plays.

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New York originated the Sacred Rhythm party, designed to bring together artists house with artists who perform live in an intimate setting. My mother loved her. Everything up where chords say "exodus" was created as a tribute. Joe flipping through the merchandise that finger and thumb movement dominated world by DJ scavenging among the drawers. Everything was already there, so I decided to do a more traditional remix for this, kind of like they did in the '70s, where remixers would manipulate the existing tracks from the multi-tracks and rearrange parts that were already there.

Vamonos Pal' Monte by Eddie Palmieri on Spotify

The strings were in there already, but you couldn't hear them the same way in the original. The tracks were elevated to an infinitely higher level thanks to the synergy of artistic live performance of each DJ, and the care and creativity of the crowd.

Sorry, but your browser is out dated and can't play audio. A whole wall full of tablets containing countless classics: One person singing is Liliana Santamaria, Mongo's daughter. But the mentality of the people during the 60's and 70's in music, they created as artists, soul, heart. For this version, I took the song from a Latin groove and gave it more of an Palnieri feel. As a child I remember that everyone admired.

Moreover, it is one of the few Latin artists who used lots of delay and reverb, and tried to give an air of dub. It is at home, in the kind of old record store where the masterpieces of Fania Records initially prospered, where sometimes still hide or hibernate exdie just hang out, waiting for someone to listen again.

It's not the kind of record store run by meticulous collectors or movers who learn how to price things online.

So I brought a pianist Bennett Paster, who played for a while, talking and responding to the music rhythmically and really complement the melody.

It was just a demo then; it originally had more of a hip-hop rhythm, so I called in my brother Jose to help me revamp it into a more Palmiefi rhythm, with the end result being a two-part story traveling from one into the other.

Vamonos Pa'l Monte – Fania

He assembled special groups in a recording session, including previous members of his band, and recorded such hits as Justicia and Superimposition He's talking about the amount of archive tapes he got, old tapes Fania catalog tracks with individual sections could be isolated and remastered, you reimagined, recombined.

So I created a second part to the composition that begins around the 3: Michael Rucker, from one DJ to another… You are the best!

A short biography of Joaquin "Joe" Claussell Joaquin "Joe" Claussell born in Brooklyn, where thanks to the deep musical roots of its diverse and large Puerto Rican family, music was his refuge, family, food, comfort and escape. Bobby Wilmore, Lazaro Galarraga 2.

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It's a perfect ending. Como explica Ismael Quintana, legendario sonero cantante y co-autor del tema: What kept the original multi-track was a flute and percussion.

I heard it in the car one afternoon on the way to give an oil change, while driving on Prospect Park West, and I fell for him. Back in the old days, when I first started doing remixes, I got this track from the original CD and did an edit of it. I'm not crazy about this song in particular, unless it's Bob Marley's version, but there was something about this that made me pick it.

Because this was recorded in the late 60s, many original sections as these were buried in the mix, perhaps because they were produced for listening caseramente.

The entire production was already a beauty, and I wondered what I could do to take it to another level. Eddie Palmieri Vamonos Pa'l Monte.

Then I brought in a palmierj player, Bennett Paster, who jammed for a while, having a rhythmic call-and-response conversation with the music and really complementing the melody. I used a lot of natural forest, jungle, and animal sounds to give it a sense of walking in. Looking back, I'm honored and grateful to get to work on such historical music -- and music that I grew up with. We ordered plates that wound up being big enough to feed each of us for days.