You can see the link on the home page. I think it's realy overpriced. Get started - Community - Contact - Term of services.

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If the questions cannot be answered, the developer will do that for you. You can see the link on the home page. Will it support to use the infernal machine? Can it use backgroundly which means it can normally use the computer when I am botting?

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Support all dungeons farming. Welcome to Ros Bot Community!

We have over 35, registered users both the English forum and the Chinese forum combined. That being said, RoS-Bot is amazing and the developers definitely deserve some compensation.

Coming from D3TNT, a lifetime license user. | Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls BOT

By nickyeu in forum Diablo 2. The forums provide best way to get supported. You are of course free to buy a premium license right away, but you don't have to! Will it support for solving the quest in Act ? Results 1 to 15 of And prices going down.

Originally Posted by rickybali. Last edited by d3ntt at Make sure you update your Windows. Get your trial key Live community: It is not planned to support history mode.

NO support by private message. For a new user setup, If I already got the D3 in-game items I need, just calulate the time of setting up the bot, how long time do I need for the proper setting?

Originally Posted by Chuxa We can do any farmings in D3 and do them the best. We have a chinese forum, which has over 13k registered users. Get started - Community - Contact - Term of services.

Rest is already supported. We actually do solve member issue by remote desktop personally.

Archive Privacy Statement Contact Us. Support must go through forums Support - Beta. I as lazy farmer who makes small amount of money just for fun can not see point d3tjt buying something which suppose to make me money for amount of money it will never make. Did you mean Bountys?

Coming from D3TNT, a lifetime license user.

And then they gave you their project? Any recommand setting I can follow? Quest is good for some one lazy as me who wants all lvl 60s and don't want to go through diablo 30times.

Hi, I am new in here and would like to ask something regarding to "Ros-Bot". R3tnt time now is