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For custom requirements, please contact us. Ensure that your embed code is placed in the body section of an HTML page. BitGravity URLs can be secured based on expiry time, allowed or disallowed countries, allowed or disallowed metros, IP address, or user-agent match string. Tools and solutions matter for organizations that utilize video on their Web sites and want to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Customize the look, feel, and shape of your player, playlists, and other elements. After live feeds are provisioned you can plaeyr them edit some of the settingsplayback and publish URLs:. Take a minute and you can fully customize it with your own logo, color bitvravity, and advertising Cloud-based encoding from and to the most common file types, including for delivery to Apple devices. Supported file types for Advanced Progressive are. Deploy to Microsoft Azure.

The name of plajer stream that will appear in the KMC entries list. Streaming supported for up to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous worldwide users. Stream quality can be optimized based on each person's connection and users can skip any point in the streamed broadcast.

Or for an in-depth review of the marketplace, essential criteria for selecting providers and more, get instant access to our minute Webcast.

BitGravity Player

Built on the world's largest Tier 1 network, BG Live enables music publishers to effortlessly and reliably stream to ,s of viewers at up to p at 30 frames per second. Customers can choose the global region s from where their content may be served Customers can maintain control to where their content may be and may not be served by the CDN, including at the country level or at the metro level US only.

Start serving video on your bigravity with a solution that's used by millions plsyer visitors across the Web.

The following topics are described: Customers retain full control by adding, deleting, renaming, and updating their own bitgrvity most actions are reflected in the system within ms. Support for up to p at 30 fps. We offer flexible storage and delivery options working with you to pick the best configuration based on your needs.

Deliver streams to players and targets.

Support 24 x 7 email and phone support included at no extra cost. Advanced Mode Add your own logo, color theme, and advertising.

Customize your Android app. The first integrated solution for bitgravit and delivering video on a CDN. A global reach allows us to build a fully distributed, massively scalable architecture at affordable prices. Reporting and Analytics Near real-time reporting, robust analytics included.

BitGravity Player

Get a Flash player that is free and simple to set-up from BitGravity. Connect to Wowza Streaming Cloud. API allows customers to provide support in their Flash players so end users can create start and stop points of content and share the clips with friends.

Audio plays bitgrvity no video appears Ensure that you do not have AdBlock or other ad blocking browser plugins installed. BitGravity URLs can be secured based on expiry time, allowed or disallowed countries, allowed or disallowed metros, IP address, or user-agent match string. Add watermarks, logos, and more.

Welcome to the BitGravity Player 5 Setup Wizard

Better still, it's simple to archive services and deliver them on demand on your Web site. If you are a content delivery customer of BitGravity, you can tap into additional features of the player, including the abilities to limit access to streams, prevent the copying of content, enable DVR-like playback capabilities, enable auto bitrate adjustment, and more.

Each live feed represents a single bit rate live stream:. Terms Privacy Trademarks Legal. Learn everything about a video player at Wikipedia. Support for Flash-enabled PCs, mobile devices, Apple devices, and set-top boxes. Support for delivery of multiple bitrates is standard.