Above average amitabha bagchi

Teaching is my job and it's nice to have one — necessary too for most writers in India! Upload photo files with. The city, like a good percussionist, should be in the background, a sub-strait around the lives of the characters.

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What would you prefer — the safe route that most follow or the road-less-travelled, full of struggle and sabotage at every point? My editor was looking to market it as an IIT book, which made me a bit uncomfortable, but at one point she told me, "Amitabha, there's a deep sadness in this book.

View all 5 comments. Another one of those IIT kind of book.

I love Hindi but I live English: Amitabha Bagchi on his new novel ‘Half The Night Is Gone’

The beauty of this book is in its honesty- especially, the description of vulnerabilities of Arindam. Nov 15, Helen is currently reading it. Yes, in literary circles we often talk about how no Indian book has had a real knockout of a cover design.

And, quixotically, I thought I could retrieve their lives by inhabiting that time. Perhaps the greatest difficulty associated with writing is to create a sympathy within yourself for characters, people, who do not evoke sympathy easily. Jul 16, Mehul rated it did not like it. Both of which necessitate his admission to the premier engineering college of India: The book talks a A very very nice read So they have this mindset before reading such book.

According to me, This book wasn't written by the author to grab the attention of the masses. But, on the other hand, learning to love, or at least understand, people who others might find hateful, is the process of becoming a writer, just like learning to propel yourself in water while holding your breath is the process of becoming a swimmer. Return to Book Page. Mar 29, Sharon D rated it really liked it.

The characters and circumstances inhabiting this book are easily recognizable in my own version of the same experience some 15 years later.

I was interested in the time when my parents were born, when my grandparents were young, because I wanted to retrieve something of the lives that they had lived. It is a refreshing read and you grow to love the disjointed instances that seamlessly start connecting as you turn the pages.

Mar 02, I liked the book most when the protaganist describes delhi as he sees it. It is a nice read, written in simple, lucid English It's avegage page book and MUST appreciate the abovf efforts taken by the author in presenting such a Well-written book. Nevertheless I recommend you to read this with this in mind.

Jabberwock: Above Average, and a conversation with Amitabha Bagchi

But, even as he drifts unquestioningly down the path laid out for him, a few stray incidents and some less lucky people make Arindam pull up short and reassess his life's direction.

The cover description inspired me to avrrage this book, but it turns out to be another IIT story, nothing new. Bullet For Bullet - Julio Rebeiro.

Jan 06, The characters in your novels — Naresh Kumar in The Householdera corrupt PA who has a deep sense of commitment towards his family or Mange Ram in Half The Night Is Gonethe wrestler who is devoted towards his masters but does not hesitate from making advances towards his daughter-in-law — are intrinsically flawed.

At first i was a bit skeptical about this book considering it to be yet another book by a iit graduate who got himself into writing following an ill trend. He finally found himself at IIT Delhi in the summer of thinking that the worst was over. It was a lot of fun.

Wish a proper plot had been woven to compliment his style.

Dec 02, It seems it was written for an upper middle class Bengali living in Mayur Vihar.