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Your corebooks will be numbered and personally hand-autographed by Monte and the design team. While the Ninth World is fleshed out, it seems to be written more as a list of hooks for the GM than inspiration for player A fascinating rules system. Numenera Destiny will give you new things to do with your discoveries, along with entirely new and epic ways to structure your campaigns. Your involvement will directly impact the story of Ellomyr as it hopefully grows and flourishes.

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Most of those campaigns are completely fulfilled, while those that are not continue to deliver their rewards on schedule. The GM literally does not roll the dice, which frees them up to focus on what really matters It leads players—both new and experienced—through creating a character using some of the brand new material from Numenera Destiny and highlights some of the changes people will see in the transition from Numenera to Numenera 2.

Limitless adventures in one deck of cards. An epic adventure of twists and turns in a page hardcover with poster map.

List of Items in Numenera corebook

Archived from the original on 30 April Jan 21, Drew Brigner rated it it was amazing. A fascinating rules system.

There is an adventure that includes what's likely a Dyson Sphere, which made me realize that that would be a much better setting for what Cook is trying to numeneraa than Earth a billion years from now.

Your pledge is a down payment for an order to be placed, at a retail-friendly discount, when Numenera Discovery numebera Numenera Destiny are ready to ship. The first full-length novel set in the Numenera setting. And you would be right. The first is called Numenera Discovery and the second Numenera Destiny.

Preview — Numenera Corebook by Monte Cook. I am having a blast with my gaming group playing this. This is a great book. As for the book, it's quite good.

Numenera Corebook Numenera by Numenear Cook.

Original Numenera Corebook - Monte Cook Games Store

I think, that Monte Monte Cook did a monumental job to deliver this setting and game system. It also covers the Aeon Priesthood nuenera detail, giving you information on working with—or joining—the Aeon Priesthood to help enlighten the Ninth World.

The quality of paper stock, the artwork, and the organization of content is perfect. We will make virtually no changes to the way the game plays mechanically—and none of those changes affect the way NPCs, creatures, or items like cyphers ccorebook artifacts work.

The rules are simple--if a bit tedious to explain--and the setting begs to be expanded in supplemental books.

These are my opinions after just having read the sourcebook, without actually having GMd or played the game ever at all. While the Ninth World is fleshed nuemnera, it seems to be written more as a list of hooks for the GM than inspiration for players to base their characters on. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Ancient ruins, strange ships, weird creatures, and Jaekel pirates all spell a Ninth World high-seas adventure with a Numenera twist.

When the characters start plumbing the depths of a prior-world ruin, the GM needs as much help as they can get.

As excited as we are about Numenera Discoverywe may be even more excited about Numenera Destiny. To view it, click here. The player characters explore the world and many wondrous artifacts left by previous dead civilizations, of which there were eight. Up the tech nkmenera, have the party discover some space-flight capable ships and oh-oh, there's an alien race out for blood who've just appeared in the system. The word "numen" is a Latin root word meaning a "pervading divine presence" [10] and "era" refers to the period 1 billion years in the future in which this universe takes place.

For me, Numenera is the ultimate setting for a gaming group that likes a bit of everything. Support Select this reward.