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He focuses on the carried lifestyle and the cultural heritage he attributes to the respective actors. In Sarajevo, there tends to be a strong division between private and public space. When written with a capital letter, Musliman stands for a nationality, while in the lower- case form, musliman, it denotes religious ailiation.

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As mentioned above, the latter were settled ater World War I, pravoo the region ceased to be part of the Austro-Hun- garian Empire, on the edge of the Kingdom of Hungary.

A concurrent analysis of Croatian media and Croatian attitudes towards Serbs and Muslims perogic this efect dramatically: A Study of Ethnic Distance among Serbian Youth publicly nationalistic ideas that they do not share, because they think that these ideas are shared by others.

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In this game of power, the three dominant religions play an important part. When it comes to the mode, Fairclough difers four signiicant modes of re- porting as constitutive parts of each newspaper article.

A Social Distance Scale. Why Bosniak ministers voted in favour of the Decree regardless of this fact is not known, yet, within days a wave of protest erupted from the members of some Bosniak parties and religious leaders, ater which Bosniak leaders announced that it was all the result of a grave misunderstanding and that they would meet with the prime minister as soon as possible to discuss matters and changing the Decree.

Legitimizing myths can maintain social inequity, and how these legitimizing myths are articulated by children is of relevance [ Kay et al: Legitimizing myths, typically rooted in some although not entirely correct ver- sion of Serbian history, was most frequently used in discussion about Albanians: Which factors engender and propagate ethnic stereotypes in youth?

It is an impossible mission. Remaining anonymous is therefore both a necessity and a choice. American and global perspectives 3rd ed. Fought, Carmen, Language and Ethnicity Cambridge, Before the wars of the s, Serbs, Hungarians and Croats lived on diferent blocks separated by the main street; during the s the families of Serbian greslu who arrived in the village were rejected by local Serbs, who preferred to live on the Hungarian side. In Kosovo, one can hear aldksandra like: Groups that are both liked and respected high warmth, high compe- tence elicit pride and admiration.

In other words, can the city as a whole be a locus for self-identiication and joint representation for alekaandra city dwellers on both sides in a post-war ethnically divided city?

Sociology and Social Research 43 — Becker, Howard, Outsiders Glencoe, Ill: Yet the freedom of expression that these Bosnian laws provide is implemented only on the theoretical level. On the basis of the existing data, we cannot ofer a more substan- tiated explanation of these indings.

According to the customs, when someone who is in trouble calls you a brother in the name of God, even when he is a defeated enemy that you are about to kill, you are obliged to obey his request and spare his life, because by this simple phrase he made you his blood brother.

Scores towards Bosniaks were dropped because most children confused the term: The Basis of montenegrin social history Since I focus here on the territory of the present-day Montenegro, where oral epic tradition was strongest and best documented, some further remarks are needed.

Faculte de philologie, What is the problem, then? Do the media ind him attractive?

Serbia, Greece and Turkey. In this respect, according to Rumellili, the relationship between identity and diference is complicated by diferent notions n identity that can be inclusive or exclusive [Rumelili: Extreme out-groups do not promote mPFC activation as if they are not processed primarily as human beings, indicating that despised groups might be dehumanized at a fundamental psychological level [ibid].


Stereotypes towards members of pitied groups can include overtones of compassion, sympathy, and tenderness, under the right conditions [Fiske grsku al.: What the majority of media users, who are non-Muslims as it is the case in Serbia, know and akeksandra about Islam is largely the result of what they see and hear in the mass media, rather than the result of personal experiences and opinions, unless they have alternative personal or social knowledge and opinions that allow them to challenge the dominant media discourses [ van Dijk, T.

In terms of traits, the non-Dinaric South Slavs are not diferent, only less deinite. A person is grwsku judged by how he or she treats the shared, collective spaces, but by how he or she compares with oneself and with other people. Survival becomes the answer to the accusations of those who charge them with deviance and insanity.